Moon River is one of the most memorable songs from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and it is fitting that the Blair’s own Breakfast scene opened with the tunes from Moon River. In fact, all the songs paired to Blair’s scenes are right on. Other songs and groups featured on Gossip Girl in this episode that you should look out for are; Rippin’ Up The Disco by Kylie Minogue, Drive Me Crazy by Miss Eighty 6 and finally On the Run by Classic.

Rippin Up The Disco tears out as Blair heads to the bar at Butter thinking very well of herself and how she has handled her friends and the whole Jenny issue. Drive Me Crazy also plays on as Blair dines by herself at Butter, and finally On The Run begins as Blair waits for the rest of the girls to join her at the restaurant.

Another song that has been getting a lot of buzz is Sour Cherry by the Kills which played as Nate helped Jenny make her way coolly back into the beehive. The snappishly instigating song continued to play as Serena made her way over to Chuck’s place to apologize and reveal that Georgina was back in town. Earlier in the episode Backseat Taxi by Silvermoney plays in the background as Rufus calls Jenny while she is busying making birthday plans with her friends and wanders into Hazel’s mom’s closet.

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