Big Brother Allstars episode 2 picks up quickly as plenty has happened within the last few days. Danielle is at first stunned as she has never been nominated before in Big Brother history, as she made it all the way to the finals in Big Brother 2 without one nomination. Alison admits to looking up to Danielle, and tells the CBS camera that she respects her and admires her as a player. The episode starts with a talk between Alison and Danielle while in the background on the wall you see pictures of a dragons and the words “love” and “hate” with their definitions painted on it. They decide to go confront both Jase and Janelle to find out why they were nominated. But, their actions in the past few days have spoken louder than there lies, and of course the cameras capture all- so not much explaining needs to be done by either side. Both are guilty of trying to stab Janelle in the back. Danielle hangs back to talk to Jase and Janelle and pins it all on Alison. Alison then goes back to pin it all on Danielle. In one of her statements earlier on in this episode Alison states “I will inflict pure misery on Janelle in this house,” and then admits she will need to lie and try to suck up to Janelle as she enters the room to talk to Jase and Janelle, calling herself a sucker for believing Danielle. The definitions of Love and Hate seem to fall upon this evil duo: Alison and Danielle, as they continue their love-hate relationship.

a that they do share something in common /their attraction to Dr. Will. Dr. Will does however take Howies obvious admiration and attraction to himself as a way to form some form of an alliance (possibly this being the type of scheme that Will is known for), ” I’m going to slide a proverbial piece of paper to you with a number on it and you tell me what you think.” Dr. Will wants to use Howie to break up what he calls “Sea-Sick” or season six alliance and plans to “ride on Dr. Will like Seabiscuit.”

Chicken George is the real wild card on the show and seems to be the most out of place and even struggles to try and find the diary room. Is he really as dumb as he acts or is this part of the chicken strategy? Nakomis tries to figure out alliances with Mike boogie and Danielle and everyone assumes that the big brother 6 players have alliance. If there wasn’t a season 6 alliance before there is one now. With all the talk in the house of the season six alliance why would they not align?

Marcellas and Erika both enter the HOH room and try to talk to Janelle about the two evil women that knocked them out and caused their need for vengeance. Would it not feel amazing to knock out the person who caused your eviction in the first round of the game? Marcellas states, ” My entire being wants to get Danielle out the first chance I get” Erika wants Alison out and Marcellas wants Danielle out. Janelle thinks that Alison poses the most threat competition wise, as Danielle has been weak at challenges in the past. Marcellas agrees that Alison may be the stronger competitor but tells the camera that, “Danielle is a manipulator and that her jugular is exposed and it’s too juicy.” He continues to tell the girls that “its hell in one hand and hell in the other.”

The Power of Veto competition is a competition that will give the winner a chance to veto one of the nominations and choose someone else. The POV competition had 6 competitors, “the two HOH’s: Janelle and Jase, The two nominated: Alison and Danielle, and two randomly selected: Chicken George and Kaysar. Mike Boogie was selected as the announcer for the show by the two HOH’s. Alison thought that she is going to run Janelle over and Danielle feels desperate. The competition is announced as a “diving competition” and Danielle is frightened as she does not like “wet water”- is there any other kind?

The surprise twist is that this is a Big Brother Dump Dive. The dump contains articles from the past 6 seasons. each Houseguest had to jump into the dumpsters and rummage through the dump and find 6 veto signs, then jump into the dump and place it them on a veto holder sign. Just before Mike Boogie says go- he announces that their are a few more things that need to go in each hg Dumpster. PB and J sandwiches were added into each dump as they will no longer be served , along with 6 seasons worth of soiled hair from the drains, Mud from Big Brother 2’s dirty dozen, and Fish Chump from Big Brother 4’s who’s your Chump and ice clam sundaes from Big Brother 6’s ice shack from hell, all mixed into one were dumped over each hg one at a time. Everyone was rather disgusted except for Chicken George who seemed to not only embrace his fate, but rather enjoyed being covered in fowl waste.


While George dug up the place playing dust hockey, and the fowl smell made the hg’s eyes burn, all dug deep and tried to uncover vetos. Kaysar and Janelle went neck and neck Danielle was not too far behind, and chicken george, Jase, and Alison could not seem to catch up. But Janelle was unstoppable. The final totals were: Janelle 6, Kaysar 4, Danielle 3, Jase 2, George and Alison 1 each. Alison replied to Janelle’s win by stating the popular line ” I think Janelle sealed my fate.” Janelle was happy and proud of herself for starting off Allstars both the winner of HOH and POV, and Jase wanted Janelle to win and not himself in order to take the target off of him and onto Janelle.

Although Dr. Will seemed to try to stir up stuff which almost swayed Janelle to use her power of veto- in the end she decided to keep Danielle and Alison up for eviction in order to keep the house happy. A smart move by Janelle as most seem to understand why they were up for elimination.

Things now are really starting to heat up in the Big Brother Allstars House and the next show is only a day away! In the mean time- watch the live feeds, 4 cameras on 24/7 in the Big Brother house.

This weekend on the Live Feeds Howie threatened to become Hurricane Howie on Nakomis- does Howie know what he is up against? Chicken george got drunk and tried to make a detergent slip and slide. Janelle and Erika made an alliance and swear that they would never vote for or nominate each other. Also Erika and Jase seemed to be getting along really well and Erika got annoyed at how Howie keeps looking at her butt and her breasts (with good reason) and Howie stays obessed with Dr. Will. Don’t have live feeds? You don’t know what your missing!!!

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Web Therapy: An Old Flame: Part 1 (#1.1)

Fiona Wallice starts a 3-minute web therapy session because she finds the 50-minute session long-winded, fatuous and maudlin; the best part is that she casually informs this to her first patient as if she is telling him ‘I don’t want to be bored with your talks!”. In fact, Fiona may be the worst or in other words the coolest web therapists because the conventional therapists can be so preachy and annoying. She sorts out her past issues with her old flame and ex-colleague who had kissed her by misinterpreting her line of “Please close the door” as “Please kiss my lips!”. The man now looks lonely, despondent and diffident and Fiona tries to sort his problem.

Much of the humor comes from the sharp-witted script, Kudrow’s matter-of-factly delivery and Tim Bagley’s reactions. However, Lisa has the habit of drawling out her lines a lot, thus restraining the number of punch lines that could be there in one episode. In the brilliant episode with Meryl, Meryl delivers so many punches in the little time that she gets, something that Lisa should learn (a couple of vocal lessons).

Overall, a great starter!

My Rating: 6.3 out of 10

“Web Therapy: An Old Flame: Part 2 (#1.2)”

Fiona Wallice, the web therapist continues to chat with her old flame by trying to clear things up with him and providing guidance about his new love. She, however, chooses to wear a sexy red dress for the occasion, thus showing her failure as an actual therapist. Richard has a very good gag when he is asked by Fiona to unbutton the collar button of his shirt and he unbuttons one or two more than that.

The show however is just too short to really take advantage of its writing; it was a smart move to increase the duration of the show in the later episodes.

My Rating: 4.8 out of 10

“Web Therapy: An Old Flame: Part 3 (#1.3)”

A very coquettish Fiona decides to ruin Richard’s relationship with his fiancĂ© and this gives a completely different picture of the web therapist that of a self-centered home wrecker.

Lisa Kudrow cannot inhabit a character, that’s one thing for sure, but she does deliver some good punches, especially when she explains her behavior with Richard’s fiancĂ© to Richard. When I compare this to Meryl Streep’s episode, Kudrow in the latter couldn’t keep pace with Meryl’s brilliance. Here, she is saved because Tim Bagley himself plays his role as simply as possible.

I do however blame the writers here for giving such inconsistencies to the plot in an attempt to bring more laughs. Richard’s character is somewhat confusing because I never felt he thought he would do what he did in the end after finding out Fiona’s intentions. It makes both appear antagonistic.

My Rating: 5 out of 10

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The ricin cigarette was brought back into play in this last episode of 2012 (the final episodes will air in July 2013) with Walt meeting Lydia. The poison was not needed though as Lydia brought a new deal to the table which would take the blue meth to the Czech Republic where the purity of meth is low and the demand is high. Cue the meth empire expanding to a level which was nicely shown by a scrolling camera showing bug extermination tents springing up all over town.

Walt White has now left the building as Heisenberg arranged bloody simultaneous murders in prisons housing Mike and Gus’s men. It was interesting to see that almost every scene involving Walter in this episode featured extremely dim lighting. The darkness has enveloped him completely, he doesn’t even flinch when Hank says to him ‘I am tired of chasing monsters’. Being called a monster is usually worth a reaction, but to Heisenberg its just a clarification of his brilliance at not getting caught, as he looks on Hank as a broken and defeated man.

If all the brutal killings at Heisenberg’s command were not enough, even Jesse is in fear of his life from his one time cooking partner. Jesse opens the bag that Walt left for him as if he is defusing a bomb. Only when he sees the bag is full of money does he put away the gun. One noteworthy fact that may prove a foretelling of things to come is that every single person who has held a gun to Walt’s head has been murdered by Walt later. All except Jesse that is, I would invest in a bullet proof vest if I were Jesse.

Skyler takes Walt to a warehouse where each lock-up holds a pile of money which reaches their waists. Skyler explains that she has no idea how much cash is in the building, and asks the very sensible question ‘how much is enough?’ Everything in this scene is a bright husk of blue, both Skyler and Walt are wearing matching colours. They are together in sync once again, and in a later scene Walt approaches Skyler and he gives her his answer ‘I’m out’.

The last scene features Walt and family once again re-united, on talking terms with their family and Hank and Marie. It could easily be a scene from season 1, all is well with the world, as they sit around the pool drinking, chatting and being a close family. It could well be the end of the show. That is of course if this was an ordinary television show. But no, this is Breaking Bad, which means its merely the start of the ending and who would have predicted that the beginning of the end would begin with Walt letting Hank use his bathroom?

Hank searches for reading material as he sits on the toilet, the first magazine that he picks up does not pique his interest for long. His curiosity brings him to reach for a book titled ‘Leaves Of Grass’ by Walt Whitman, featuring a lovely personal handwritten note on the first page which reads “To my other favorite W.W., It’s an honour working with you. Fondly, G.B.”

Heisenberg’s ego has grown to the extent that he would leave this book in his bathroom for anyone to peruse at their leisure, and so the downward spiral begins as Hank flashes back to his conversation with Walt about Gale Boetticher.

An earlier scene featuring a loud ticking of a clock as Heisenberg watches the second hand of his watch tick down each second foreshadows the storm approaching, the last remaining episodes in 2013 should be explosive.

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Lucas Adds Dimension to His Prequel Blockbuster

It had to come to this sooner or later. With Disney having converted some of their beloved classics to 3D, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast (with Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., and The Little Mermaid on the way), and with James Cameron set to rerelease his Oscar-winning blockbuster Titanic this April in 3D, it only seems fitting that George Lucas would give the 3D treatment to the Star Wars saga. Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D marks the start of a planned schedule to rerelease all six films in episodic order at a rate of one per year. Lucas has been nothing if not industrious, not only in his pursuit of the latest and greatest in special effects technology but also in using it to repeatedly tweak the films that defined his career and changed the way movies get made. On some level, you have to admire him for his willingness to capitalize on current cinematic trends. It means he’s paying attention.

Like millions of other people, I saw the original 2D version of the film when it was first released back in May of 1999. I was not yet sixteen, and my mom, being so cool, let me take the day off of school to see it. For her, it surely must have been a nostalgic experience, for she had been amongst the cheering throngs that waited in long lines to see the original trilogy in 1977, 1980, and 1983 respectively. For me, it was a little different. Yes, the 1997 Special Editions gave me the opportunity to see the trilogy on the big screen, but I was already familiar with it through home video viewings, so it wasn’t as if I was seeing something new. But then came The Phantom Menace, the first of a prequel trilogy that would finally reveal how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. It was an original story. At long last, my first entirely new Star Wars experience.

It took thirteen years, but it seems I’m now entitled to my own nostalgic experience. Sitting in the theater watching The Phantom Menace 3D, I was flooded with memories of that day in 1999 – the thrill of seeing the title pull away from the camera as John Williams’ triumphant fanfare blares to life, the sense of wonder at the sight of the spectacular computer-generated effects, being reintroduced to beloved characters like C-3PO (voiced by Anthony Daniels), R2-D2 (Kenny Baker), and Yoda (voiced by Frank Oz), seeing Anakin Skywalker as a boy (Jake Lloyd) and Obi-Wan Kenobi as a young man (Ewan McGregor), and meeting new characters like Queen Amidala (Natalie Portman), Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) and Jar Jar Binks (voiced by Ahmed Best).

As for the experience of seeing it in 3D, I’m happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed. Although nowhere near as immersive as stereoscopic triumphs like Avatar and Hugo, there was a noticeable sense of depth perception all throughout the film. It stood out the most during the space battles and the pod race sequence. I attribute most of the conversion’s success to its digital projection, which experience has taught me is the ideal choice for 3D films. Having said all this, I have not forgotten that 3D is by and large a marketing gimmick, nor have I lost sight of the fact that George Lucas is clearly taking advantage of it for financial gain. The experience will in no way be diminished if you choose to save your money and see the film in traditional 2D (assuming your theater offers it).

It’s worth noting that the original hand puppet version of Yoda has been replaced with a computer generated recreation, which now, visually speaking, aligns the film perfectly with the second and third episodes. I was pleased with the results; this new Yoda may in fact be one of the best-looking in the entire history of the saga. It remains to be seen if Lucas will make the same changes to The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi when it’s their turn to be rereleased in 3D. If this is indeed the direction Lucas is going in, I’ll save my comments for then. At this point in time, I’ll focus on The Phantom Menace, which – for me, at least – remains just as fun, exciting, and visually splendid as it was in 1999.

But already I can sense some of you drawing back from me, as if I had a communicable disease. I know how unpopular it is to like this movie, or any film in the prequel trilogy. All the same, I don’t feel the need to defend myself. Regardless of the dimension involved, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace is no more or less than what it is: A fantasy space opera made purely for entertainment. I still hear the criticisms to this day; for Jar Jar Binks (who’s guilty of nothing more than being the obligatory comedy relief), for its less than compelling performances (never mind that the entire saga is cut from the same cloth as a Saturday matinee serial), and for its bad dialogue. That last one has always cracked me up. I defy you convince me that the dialogue in A New Hope is any better.

Although Chris never officially studied film, film theory, or even journalism in college, his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Creative Writing has taught him to appreciate story, character, and the imagination – all aspects that apply to the movies, and if there’s anything his years of living in Los Angeles has guaranteed him, exposure to movies would be at the top of the list. He has always appreciated the art of filmmaking, but it wasn’t until 2006 that he began writing reviews on various websites for new releases. Still residing in L.A., his reviews can be read at his website,

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CW recently aired the very first episode of Vampire Diaries season 3, which was called “The Birthday. ” It skipped ahead a couple weeks to Elena’s 18th birthday party. Unfortunately, Elena wasn’t really in the state of mind to celebrate because the love of her life Stefan is gone, and acting very bad with horrible Klaus.

Elena and Damon continued to try and keep track of Stefan’s location, and consequently see that Stefan has pretty much gone off the deep end, if not completely, delivering his old “ripper” murdering ways. Apparently, he was assisting Klaus with a brand new plan to make more vampire/werewolf hybrids like him, and his first victim was a werewolf character named Ray Sutton.

Meanwhile, Tyler and Caroline finally give into their sexual urges, and did the nasty, while Jeremy was constantly getting haunted by his past, deceased girlfriends Anna and Vicki. He also made an effort to keep hiding it from Matt, but he could see something was going on with him.

Stefan also served a very crazy death to Damon’s girlfriend Andy to get Damon to leave him alone. Eventually, it ended with Stefan delivering a mute phone call to Elena, that was fairly emotionally charged, despite the fact that he didn’t make one sound. I thought the episode was a very good introduction to the brand new season, and set a pretty excellent tone for all the craziness that’s coming up.

The following episode is labeled “The Hybrid, ” and will show Damon entering into extra werewolf dangers, while seeking to perform one more of Elena’s wild, crazy plans to rescue Stefan from the grip of bad Klaus. Elena is very much in love with Stefan and simply won’t give up her search for him. At one point, she’s seen telling Damon about the bizarre phone call Stefan made to her, and tries to convince Damon he can still be rescued.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is actually going to go to Matt for support when the whole Anna/Vicki ghosts thing becomes too serious for him. Tyler is going to have an intense confrontation with his mother, totally unaware she just violently trapped Caroline. It sounds like it will definitely be intense.

Also, Tyler’s mother is going to make a phone call to an unknown person, claiming that she’s run into some vampire trouble. It’s really crazy because she does it in a way to suggest she’s always been aware of vampires.

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