In All About My Brother, a gossip wars flares between Blair and Jenny as each tries to outdo the other with ridiculous and embarrassing half truths. While the gossip war between the two may provide entertainment, it really acts as fuel to the fire when it leads to the revelation of two out of three huge secrets that are dropped in this episode. Serena, Asher and Eric are the ones keeping back secrets, but when Jenny finds herself caught up in the mess she dives right in instead of running the other way. Blair and Georgina play roles that they know best, instigators.

Dan finds out about Asher’s secret relationship, with an unknown male, and tries to warn Jenny after realizing that Asher is not about to own up to it. When Gossip Girl gets wind of the rumor Jenny finds out the truth directly from Asher who makes light of the situation and acts like Jenny was supposed to already know. Instead of walking away from the entire situation Jenny thinks only of keeping up with her friends and decides to play along with Asher.

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