Episode 13 is called “A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate”– a thin blue line, that is… like the kind you hope not to see on a teenage pregnancy test. And this particular pregnancy test causes scandal after scandal.

First it’s Serena, caught buying the test and reported by none other than Gossip Girl herself. Dan finds out in about two milliseconds and promises to do the right thing. I knew he was a sweetie pie. He’s a keeper, Serena.

But Serena bought the test is for Blair, who, being the spoiled princess she is, refuses to take it. Because if Miss Princess doesn’t want to be pregnant, then she’s not pregnant. Serena, well-intentioned as she is, can’t seem to mind her own business in the episode; she goes to Chuck to talk about Blair’s potential pregnancy. Chuck says it’s not his.

And Blair eventually gives in and takes the test. Crying, happy, she calls Serena to tell her that the test came out negative. She thinks that’s the end of it, but those of us who have been watching Gossip Girl TV know that it’s not. This kind of gossip doesn’t just die in the rich kid set.

Sure enough, Blair has to piss Chuck off (she’s very good at this) and he rats her out to Gossip Girl. In true Gossip Girl fashion, the whole school knows in just about three seconds (and you thought you liked cell phones!), and poor Blair is ostracized faster than you can say “teenage mom.” Seeing how quick her friends turn on her almost makes me glad I’m not rich. Almost.

The Queen Bee has been kicked off her throne.

Of course some other things happen in this episode, too. Dan tells Serena he loves her, and Serena has to deal with her emotional issues before she has the guts to tell him she loves him, too. But we know they love each other, as they’re constantly (and sometimes sickeningly) lovey-dovey, so this doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

The big surprises fall elsewhere in the Humphrey family. Jenny’s turning almost as evil as Blair, ratting her affair with Chuck out to Nate. And it looks like she’s gonna be the new Queen Bee. And Rufus is getting popular with the ladies: two dates on one night, and a near-catfight. Good for you, Rufus!

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