Over the years many foreign things have come to America and become popular and famous. The Beatles, for example, are a band from overseas, and kung fu movies largely originated in China. Also, toys sometimes make it to America from overseas and become a big hit. Some things in this category include the bizarre little creatures called Pokemon which were placed on cards and traded by small children all across the nation in the late nineties and early 21st century. Also popular are many different oriental dolls and Chinese board games such as Chinese checkers. Often times, these things are then referenced in pop culture such as television shows. For example, Chinese checkers was once mentioned on an episode of the popular television show, “It Is Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

The episode in question had a very funny plot. The three main men on the show are named Dennis, Charlie, and Mac and all three are part owners of a bar in which the show is mainly set. A recurring character on the program is a woman named The Waitress, who has no other name, and Charlie is in love with her and constantly annoys her to date him, to no avail. On this episode Charlie was talking about who his best friend was, and since Dennis had already had a fling with the waitress, that eliminated him from contention. Meanwhile, Mac has been making tapes of himself trying to look tough and showed them off to the other two.

After showing Charlie one of his tapes, Mac sees Charlie destroying what he thinks is his tape and decides to try and get with Charlie’s love the waitress to get back at him. Charlie has learned about somebody dating the waitress, unaware that it is Mac, and sends Mac to beat the man up. After sending Mac on his mission to injure the man he thinks is dating his true love, Charlie stays the night at Mac and Dennis’s apartment. Still bothered by not being Charlie’s best friend, Dennis tries to convince Charlie to hang out with him and play board games like Chinese checkers instead of simply sitting around waiting for Mac to return. Charlie responds to the suggestion of playing Chinese checkers by saying that the game is a bit foreign for his tastes.

Dennis, after having figured out that Mac is with the waitress himself, convinces Charlie of this fact and the two of them decide to try and catch the new couple together to see for sure. The episode ends when it turns out that Charlie was destroying an entirely different tape to the one that Mac thought and it was all just a big misunderstanding and after all their hilarious backstabbing of each other decide that they should all just be three best friends rather than trying to destroy each other all the time.

“It Is Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” has now run for five seasons and with hysterical episodes with maniacal backstabbing and extreme selfishness amongst the main characters the show, once described by a critic as being like Seinfeld on drugs, will certainly be going for a long time to come.

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Episode 16 “The Secret of Jinchuriki”

Kakashi’s and Guy’s teams both figure out that their battles with the doppelgängers were set-up to delay them from coming to Gaara’s rescue. Chiyo reveals that in attempts to control the power of the tailed beasts they were bound to human hosts called “Jinchuriki”, and that the human host dies when the beast is extracted – increasing the urgency of saving Gaara. Kankuro is awake and joins a meeting of the Sand council where the history of the Sand village is explained. Both teams stop to rest since their battles have taken their tolls and in preparation for the battles to come. Akatsuki sends Zetsu to “dispose” of the doppelgängers corpses.

Episode 17 “Gaara Dies!”

Team Guy and Team Kakashi both finish their breaks and go on towards the Akatsuki lair. Naruto shows intense passion and is in a hurry to reach Gaara. Chiyo notices this and Kakashi explains to her that Naruto is also a Jinchuriki and knows the pain Gaara has lived through. Chiyo explains that she was the ninja who sealed Shukaku in Gaara, in order to protect the Sand village. Meanwhile, Akatsuki has finished extracting Shukaku from Gaara, who dies wondering if he has become a person whom others need. Team Guy and Team Kakashi finally meet in front of the sealed entrance to the Akatsuki lair.

Episode 18 “Break In! Button Hook Entry”

Team Guy and Team Kakashi find out there is a barrier protecting the Akatsuki hideout, being generated by 5 forbidden tags in the area. After preparations, Team Guy removes the tags and disables the barrier allowing Team Kakashi to enter the hideout. Meanwhile the Akatsuki members have ended the astral projection technique and left the hideout. Deidara and Sasori who were the only ones physically present, remain behind to take care of the intruders.

Episode 19 “Traps Activate! Team Guy’s Enemies”

Team Guy fights with exact clones of themselves, a trap set off by their removal of the barrier tags. Deidara takes Gaara’s body outside of the cavern, followed by Naruto and Kakashi. Chiyo and Sakura stay behind to fight Sasori.

Episode 20 “Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi”

Chiyo explains to Sakura that Sasori used to be one of the best puppeteers in Sunagakure, but he began experimenting with real people. Sakura learns that Sasori’s true body is hiding within his favorite puppet, Hiruko, ensuring that he cannot be attacked while controlling it. The only way to defeat Sasori is to destroy his puppet. Using teamwork, Chiyo and Sakura are able to dodge Sasori’s attacks and demolish the puppet, from which Sasori himself emerges. Just outside, Deidara begins telling Naruto and Kakashi how much stronger Sasori is compared to himself.

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As I somewhat suspected, we got a Locke-centric episode and although it wasn’t all I’d hoped for, I did enjoy it. As far as flash-sideways Locke goes, he seemed very at peace last time we saw him in “LA X” but he certainly seemed like the old dejected Locke from pre-815 crash times in this episode. It was nice to see that in this world, he at least has Helen to help him cope and believe in miracles (I loved that scene by the way – she was a woman of faith and he was a sad man of science, so to speak). It was sad to see Locke get fired by “douchey” Randy but great to see Hugo give him a break and hook him up with a new job. And while it was interesting to see Rose in charge at the temp agency, doesn’t it seem like she would have known that the owner of her company was on the same flight back from Sydney as she was? Maybe not but I thought it a little bit of a plot hole. Regardless, I did appreciate that in this world, she still has terminal cancer and she and Locke connected on their feelings of helplessness just as they did in the other world. And of course, just for us fans, we got that short scene with substitute teacher Locke meeting history teacher Ben in the teacher’s lounge. Is John Locke a nexus for LOST character crosses?

On the Island though things look to be pretty final for John Locke. It was very sweet of Sun to insist on burying Locke’s body and actually quite sad to see Ben and Lapidus lower it into a grave. So many Losties are buried on that hill…I never thought John Locke would end up as one of them. For once in his life, Ben finally told the truth when he said that John was a believer and a better man than he would ever be. I was surprised that he admitted that he was sorry for murdering Locke, but I suppose he is after the conversation he had with Fake Locke in “LA X.” In true LOST fashion though, just when it couldn’t get any sadder, Lapidus chimed in with a great bit of comic relief about this most unusual of funerals.

Meanwhile, Fake Locke seemed to be on a quest to recruit as many Losties as possible to his cause. Of course before making contact with Sawyer, he tried to make a convincing argument to Richard Alpert. I really hope we get to see Richard’s backstory because I’m very curious how Jacob recruited him and how much he really knows. Aside from his unexplained eternal youth, I like how he has become less mystical in his knowledge with each season. There is a very strong possibility that he’s only on Jacob’s side because that’s who got to him first.

I’m a little worried about Sawyer to say the least. Juliet’s death has really taken any will to live from him and I fear that he may not make it through the end of the series. I was never really worried about him dying while climbing down the side of the cliff, but I have my doubts that he will manage to survive until the end of the series. By the end of this episode, he seemed to have reverted back to his old “every man for himself” ways. Then again, he is a con-man and may be working a long one on Fake Locke. Also of note is that according to Ilana, the Man in Black is stuck in Locke’s form for some undisclosed reason. Of course, as we have seen, that does not preclude him from turning back into smoke in order to wreak havoc.

But now to perhaps the juiciest information revealed in this episode: Jacob/Man in Black’s Cave of Names. Fake Locke promised to show Sawyer the reason that he was on the Island and it all has to do with his meeting with Jacob earlier in his life. Apparently, those on “the list” are candidates to take over for Jacob.

So who are the candidates?

42-Kwon (Sun or Jin?)

As Fake Locke went through the list and we saw flashes of the Losties interactions with Jacob, I noticed one glaring omission: Kate was not listed despite that fact that she was touched by Jacob that we first saw him near the beginning of “The Incident” last season. Why isn’t she a candidate? Perhaps the answer lies in the shadow of the statue. Last season when Ilana, Bram et al kidnapped Lapidus, they had a conversation about him being a candidate. I’m guessing that only men can be candidates leading me to also believe that the Kwon referred to on the list is probably Jin. But what of the significance of the numbers assigned to each name on the list? You got me! I never expected the numbers to come back into play other than as Easter Eggs and for all I know, that could very well be all there is to their appearance here!

Fake Locke told Sawyer that he has three choices: 1) do nothing, see what happens and possibly be “crossed off” the list, 2) become the new Jacob and protect the Island or 3) get the hell off the Island and never look back. For now it seems that Sawyer is ready to choose option three but as I mentioned before, it might just be a log-con and he’ll eventually double-cross Fake Locke. One other oddity of note. Early in the episode, Fake Locke sees a little boy dressed in shabby Others-esque clothing. Later both he and Sawyer see the boy. When Fake Locke actually talks to the boy, he is told that he “knows the rules” and he “can’t kill him” to which Fake Locke angrily replied “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” Great response but it doesn’t bode well for Fake Locke seeing as how will things worked out for the real Locke! So is the boy a form of Jacob? He would seem to be, but why is he a boy? Or is he someone else? My guess is that he is Jacob and all this means that Fake Locke is not allowed to kill anyone but if they were to killed by someone else, that’s a “win” for the dark side.

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The January 2nd episode of Gossip Girl, “School Lies,” starts off with the song “Oh Yeah,” by Moby. Now, this is a seriously fun techno song that’s all about partying. And at the beginning of this episode, so are Serena, Blair, and all their high society pals. Partying in the pool, to be more specific. That is, until the cops come.

Hey, that’s a teen party for you. It’s all “oh yeah” until somebody smashes their head and bleeds in the pool.

Since parties definitely feature in this episode, later on you’ll find some very special party music. If you’re a big fan of Chuck Bass, his conniving ways, and his naughty smile, you may have spotted the punky sounds of his UK-based punk rock band, The Filthy Youth, playing during Blair’s “study group” party. Yep, Ed Westwick, who plays Chuck on the show, has a band. And The Filthy Youth’s sound is almost as fun and rebellious as Chuck himself.

During this scene, you can hear “Come Flash all Your Ladies” followed by “Orange.” The fast tempo and angry guitar makes for the perfect music to accompany Chuck’s rebellion against Dan’s desire to tell the truth, as well as Vanessa’s mutiny in the face of Chuck’s always-imperious demands to give him what he wants. In this case, he wants the video of Blair confessing she slept with him. Good for you, Vanessa. Somebody needs to tell Chuck that when he says “jump,” the answer isn’t always “how high.”

But “School Lies,” wasn’t just about teenagers hanging out and partying. It was also about compromise and doing the right thing. During the episode, several characters make difficult choices to protect the ones they love. It’s a rather heartbreaking moment when Lily tells Dan’s dad, Rufus, that she can’t be with him. The song chosen for that scene, “Come Home” by One Republic, expresses perfectly what Lily and Rufus must be feeling. “Come home, cause I’ve been waiting for you so long…” After being forced apart by Lily’s mother, they finally have a chance to be together. But they can’t, because Lily wants to do the right thing for Serena.

At the end of the episode you’ll hear the song “Cross the River” by La Rocca. At one point the song says “cross the river to the other side,” and it perfectly describes what Serena seems to want. After finding out that her mother’s slimy new fiancé, Chuck’s dad Bart, paid her way out of being expelled from school, she goes to Dan’s. She doesn’t tell him the truth about what happened, but it’s obvious she’s disappointed that he was right… that his world and hers are very far apart. And it’s starting to look like Serena wants to “cross the river” to Dan’s world and leave her own behind.

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The medical drama just keeps on getting served like pancakes. It seems that Hollywood has really hit the vein this time with Grey’s Anatomy episodes. This is the newest addition to the hospital soap opera. Perhaps soaps have definitely evolved and have gotten bigger and better. The cheesy lines have definitely lessened. There are more intriguing storylines and better acting. But still, can Hollywood really capture a realistic hospital scene? I asked a good friend of mine who was an intern at the Mt. Carmel Hospital of New Jersey to pass judgment on the show’s verisimilitude.

She said that even before watching Grey’s Anatomy episodes, she was already skeptic about the whole thing. She was accustomed to how Hollywood completely fabricates the medical profession and creates a fictional image of doctors that can sometimes really hurt the profession.

Fortunately, Grey’s anatomy made a few good things. For one, it didn’t show doctors having sex in the call rooms. This was the most usual image that Hollywood promotes because a lot of people would fantasize about that.

The many characters that appeared in Grey’s Anatomy episodes are also lovable and varied. The mix is perfect. You have the timid but strong former model Izzie played by Katherine Heigl, the awkward George played by T.R. Knight, Meredith Grey played by Ellen Pompeo, and the tyrannical Cristina played by Sandra Oh. I suppose it does happen sometimes that there are instances when interns and their superiors get together and get to become flings. But there is a good deal of improbability of this in the real world because most attending physicians are just ancient, and married, and nasty. I guess if your attending physician’s got the same mug as Patrick Dempsey, then I guess it would be likelier.

A big theme in Grey’s Anatomy episodes is the head butting of the doctor’s egos. In real life, that is not really that prevalent. At least that what my intern friend says. But I have to say I’m skeptical. I think doctors do butt heads a lot of times. But one can’t discount the fact that in the end, what’s important for these doctors is getting the patient cured. After all, if they don’t succeed in helping their patients, no only will they be dishonored as doctors, it will also be a big blow to their career.

However, another plus point for the show is the realistic portrayals of the panic young doctors feel the first time a patient goes into something scary like a convulsion and the fact is you don’t know what to do about it. The way Dr. Grey experienced in the first few Grey’s anatomy episodes.

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