In a word, yes! You can watch TV episodes online. As with everything like this there is a catch; you can’t usually get cable programs, and there are restrictions with country of origin on other programming. Watching TV episodes online can be fun if you have the right tools. These tools come in the form a client that streams TV programs to your computer.

If you are after a network TV program you can watch the episodes online at their websites. Usually, they put them up the day after they have aired the program. It’s a win-win situation for them, because it keeps the viewer interested and they are more likely to switch on the TV to watch the next episode. The problem is if you aren’t in the country where the show is aired you can’t watch it all. And even if you are, the episodes are only online for a limited time.

Cable TV is even more restricted. Cable works on a user subscription base, so they have exclusive viewing rights on the programs aired. Putting the episodes online on their websites defeats the purpose. You can go to torrent to get them, but if you don’t want to take this route because of the legality, or maybe lack of hard drive space, then there are alternatives.

You can download a client easily that will allow you access to cable programming. The beauty of this is that it’s not just cable programming from your country, but from all over the world. There are free clients, but it’s most probably not a good thing to take that route because ‘free’ can come at a cost later. You’re better off paying a one time fee for the client and from then on the programs are free, the bonus is you’ll never have to pay a cable TV subscription again. What’s even better is that you’ll get the free to air channels along with it.

Watching TV episodes online can be fun, and you’ll never have to stand at the water cooler again, with a blank face, because you haven’t been able to see the program that they’re all talking about. It’s just a stream the programs to your computer and you’re there.

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Have you ever been upset for missing the season finale after watching the entire series religiously? How about hearing about a great TV show that you never knew was running? Every day people are missing out on some great television shows and do not know they are available online for download. It is 100% legal to download any television show that is broadcast on public television. Why would they allow for you to tape them with a VCR or use a DVR to record them if it wasn’t? I want to show everyone how to download their favorite episodes because I feel that this method shouldn’t be available only to tech savvy people. It isn’t a closely guarded secret and will never die out.

This sure fire way of downloading TV shows is for those who aren’t fortunate enough to have a DVR or TiVO box or don’t like setting their VCR for 10 different series. Anyone with an internet connection (broadband preferred because some shows are large at times) and a computer can download television shows. The best part is it is extremely easy. You just type in the name of the show, hit search and download to your PC. You can even watch it directly on your computer. That means no hassles in transferring it to media to watch on a TV. However, all of that can be done. If you have a DVD burner you can burn your episodes onto a DVD and watch it on your large flat screen LCD television, that’s what I like to do.

Downloads usually range from 20 minutes to a couple hours to completion. The more popular shows download much faster because there are more people that want to watch them. You can even find some of your episodes in HD quality. Basically you can watch an HD quality picture on your PC without having an HD monitor.

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Hope you enjoy downloading all those missed episodes!


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Nickelodeon has had a number of great series over the years. By specializing in the decidedly weird tastes of children and young adults, they have created a niche for themselves somewhere between Disney fare and Cartoon Network programming. They have no problem trying unusual series just to see what will happen; this allows them to try series for a little longer than other stations, allowing them to see if a show with even a slow start can find an audience, and finding gold in smaller shows. In a way, this helps explain the popularity of Avatar the Last Airbender episodes.

Avatar the Last Airbender episodes feature a pseudo-Asian setting where martial arts and magic have been fused into an elemental “bending”, where the movements of the person translate into a specific reaction. Each group specializes in a specific element, earth, air, fire, water, and in a particular field, labor, philosophy, combat, defense respectively. The Fire Tribe has decided to conquer the known world, and has been very successful at it. They have not reckoned on the power of the Avatar, who is able to use all of the various elements, but who was trapped until recently. With his freedom, he must quickly learn what it means to be an avatar and quickly.

The popularity of Avatar the Last Airbender episodes is based on the deep story-telling and characters. The world is developed even within the first few episodes, and its depth is astounding. Unlike a number of fantasy worlds, it is easy to believe that the world is real, as its rules are enforced by its inhabitants and their reactions to those rules, as if they expect them to happen rather than being shocked by what they do. The characters evolve as our understanding of the world evolves, creating the rarity in cartoons of characters that we grow to sympathize with and understand their motivations. This makes Zuko, originally a villain into a tragic character and makes his older sister a truly scary character.

By the time that the last Avatar the Last Airbender episodes is shown, we are ready for a climax, and Avatar does not disappoint. We have followed these characters for so long that we want to know how it ends, and the ending is full of enough twists and yet satisfying endings that it works. Unlike a lot of cartoons, when it is over you have eaten steak, not a sundae, and it is more than mere sizzle.

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Heroes is an amazing show, and this season is holding up as awesome as the first one. It’s really too bad that so many people have been missing out on these last episodes, so I’m going to help you guys out by running through a few of the episodes you may have missed. Today I’ll be outlining Season 2 Episode 2, named “Lizards.”

Dr. Suresh is now officially a Company man, having taken up Bob on his offer to exchange services…Bob helps Mohinder with his research on the virus, and Dr. Suresh takes care of a few Company tasks. His first task takes him to Haiti, where he meets someone rather familiar and successfully cures the person.

Claire Bennet is having some troubles staying “under the radar,” as one of her classmates has taken a liking to her and is getting a little too nosy. Clearly suspecting that she may be more than she lets on, the boy is causing a bit of trouble trying to get her to spill the beans. The jig is up when he catches her regenerating a damaged limb, but Claire’s not the only one hiding an ability.

Officer Parkman isn’t having a very good day either. The shocking murder of somebody very near to one of the Heroes’ heart has caused a stream of craziness, even resulting in Angela Petrelli being locked up and interrogated as the chief suspect. Matt is convinced that Miss Petrelli didn’t do it, but proving that is going to give him quite the headache.

Back in the 17th century, Hiro is having the ride of his life trying to wrap his head around Takezo Kensei, who isn’t the legendary Japanese savior the stories told of. In Hiro’s usual bumbling-yet-valiant manner, he has to take a few things into his own hands to ensure that Kensei lives up to his future reputation.

Back in the present, Peter Petrelli is having a pretty bad time of things as well. Stranded in Ireland with no memories and in the hands of some rather unpleasant people, his life has never sucked any worse – at least as far as he knows…but hey, at least he can shoot electricity from his hands, that’s fun!

Returning to Maya and Alejandro, things just don’t want to get better for the poor Guatemalan siblings. Being chased by the police, they finally make it to the Guatemala/Mexico border only to have Maya’s ability start acting up again. After the troubles this causes, they manage to get back on their way, but it won’t be long before they meet someone who probably doesn’t have their best interests in mind, no matter how suave he is…

This season is rocking just as hard as the first one did, and the show hasn’t lost any of its flavor or love of cliffhanger endings. I’m pretty sure that if you catch up with these episodes, you’ll be as riveted as I am!

Miss an episode? Download Heroes and watch Heroes online. It’s an amazing show, and too much goes on in each episode to let them pass you by!

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Television is a very rich and diverse media. There are hundreds of different kinds of shows, news, movies, series, quiz shows, sports events, educational shows being broadcast from thousand of television stations, local or nationwide, via satellite or cable, free or for a subscription fee. Certainly, live sports events like the World Cup final, or the Super Bowl Finals tend to gather huge numbers of viewers, blotting out everything else that might be available on television at the same time. But what keeps the viewers tuning in, or keep subscribing, is something for which they are willing to sit through every commercial, lose precious sleep over, and talk about all day: their favorite TV series.

A captivating series is bound to have lots of fans and viewers, eagerly anticipating each episode, patiently waiting for the next season, browsing through forums for answers they can’t wait to get. A successful series is what every television channel strives for in its program since it’s bound to provide the channel or network with a steady stream of advertisement revenue because of a steady and devoted audience.

But what happens when you have to enter a subscription service after the pilot episode you saw and intrigued? What if your favorite series or show got sold to another channel where you have bad coverage or reception? What happens when viewing hours change and are either too early or too late to fit in your daily schedule? You’d have to get yourself a TiVo or a digital recorder device and that means more expenses. What if your favorite show got canceled but you still want to watch it one more time? Or what if you want to watch a specific episode that was so much good fun you could watch it over and over again a hundred times. What if we’re a talking about a classic one from your childhood years, some television show that everyone remembers fondly but no television station would actually show again on a rerun?

The answer is right here, and it’s only a few clicks away. Today, the way we are watching television keeps changing so fast that many people miss out on great opportunities to watch television just the way they like. Which is to say, to watch whatever they want, whenever they want to, as many times as they want to.

Now, you can watch full TV episodes from almost any television series that has aired for a considerable time in any well-known television station from many different countries. A vast archive of television episodes can be searched, providing viewers with the choice of many classics as well as episodes from series and shows still airing, so you can still watch the episode you lost the day before. So while you’re searching for some free TV channels to browse through, remember that you can watch any episode from your favorite TV series, since you can now watch TV online.

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