A&E is the place to watch the latest version of the family reality show genre started by the Osbournes on MTV. However, there are a few major differences between Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels, and the Osbournes, the zany British family led by rocker Ozzy Osbourne and boisterous wife Sharon. The Osbournes enjoyed such a huge audience mainly because the viewers really felt like they were getting a true, fly-on-the-wall view of one of rock’s first families. Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly really never came across as actors; they didn’t need to. Their own reality was so completely odd and unpredictable that watching paint dry in the Osbourne household was a privilege. However, Kiss frontman Gene “The Tongue” Simmons comes across as the lead actor in a show where his family looks to him to identify their individual roles, especially Simmons’ common-law wife, Shannon Tweed, who was once Playboy Playmate of the year. In the premiere episode we see Shannon trying to one up Gene, who announces (to the cameras) that he is planning a surprise party for her birthday. The kids respond to his announcement in a predictable fashion – with disbelief. How on Earth would daddy Gene, whose clueless approach to the real world (we see him bathing the family dog by throwing the dog into the pool and struggling to run a dishwasher), know the very basics of party planning? Also, given the theme of the first episode – that Gene is truly the King of his manse, to whom all must defer – would Gene be unselfish enough to give his time and energy to his common-law wife?

Gene and Shannon have been together for 23 years, and remain (in Gene’s view) “happily unmarried.” We learn quickly that Gene’s reluctance to commit to the woman who has borne both of the couple’s children is a source of amusement to the two teenagers, Nick and Sophie, and a source of distress to Shannon. But, does Gene care? Not if you believe what you see at the outset of the episode. Gene says to the camera “Marriage is an institution. You also have to be committed to it. If that does not sound like a nuthouse,” he says, studying his nails, “nothing does.” Shannon’s answer to Gene’s indifferent attitude is “If someone does not marry you after 23 years, it means you’re a loser.” Could you imagine Sharon Osbourne being so self-effacing? Are you kidding – Sharon was the ultimate matriarch! Shannon’s own teenage son even chimes in to support his wayward father. “It’s good being a bachelor,” he says laughing. Sad. Another future divorcee or serial monogamist in the making, compliments of Gene Simmons.

Gene then takes the cameras along for an all out bachelor night in Vegas. Just for the heck of it, he leaves his family and goes to Hooters. The girls are draped all over Gene, seeing a human cash register because there is not much else to look at. We see the Alpha male at his coolest – driving the bubbleheads around in a limousine all the while spouting out pathetic lines such as, “I believe that I should have as many women as possible and I believe you should have as many women as possible.” Please. I am humiliated for him, and for his whole family who support his delusional reality in which he is front and center. When Gene appears at home, Shannon asks how Vegas was. His reply? “There were lots of boobs and they were all bouncing into each other.” Yawn. At the end of the day, Shannon pulls a big ol’ staged surprise on Gene and plans an ambush wedding. I’m too bored to even write another word about it, but if you’re worried, Gene is still the man, the myth and the unmarried legend. In his own eyes, at least.

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Big Brother Allstars episode 2 picks up quickly as plenty has happened within the last few days. Danielle is at first stunned as she has never been nominated before in Big Brother history, as she made it all the way to the finals in Big Brother 2 without one nomination. Alison admits to looking up to Danielle, and tells the CBS camera that she respects her and admires her as a player. The episode starts with a talk between Alison and Danielle while in the background on the wall you see pictures of a dragons and the words “love” and “hate” with their definitions painted on it. They decide to go confront both Jase and Janelle to find out why they were nominated. But, their actions in the past few days have spoken louder than there lies, and of course the cameras capture all- so not much explaining needs to be done by either side. Both are guilty of trying to stab Janelle in the back. Danielle hangs back to talk to Jase and Janelle and pins it all on Alison. Alison then goes back to pin it all on Danielle. In one of her statements earlier on in this episode Alison states “I will inflict pure misery on Janelle in this house,” and then admits she will need to lie and try to suck up to Janelle as she enters the room to talk to Jase and Janelle, calling herself a sucker for believing Danielle. The definitions of Love and Hate seem to fall upon this evil duo: Alison and Danielle, as they continue their love-hate relationship.

a that they do share something in common /their attraction to Dr. Will. Dr. Will does however take Howies obvious admiration and attraction to himself as a way to form some form of an alliance (possibly this being the type of scheme that Will is known for), ” I’m going to slide a proverbial piece of paper to you with a number on it and you tell me what you think.” Dr. Will wants to use Howie to break up what he calls “Sea-Sick” or season six alliance and plans to “ride on Dr. Will like Seabiscuit.”

Chicken George is the real wild card on the show and seems to be the most out of place and even struggles to try and find the diary room. Is he really as dumb as he acts or is this part of the chicken strategy? Nakomis tries to figure out alliances with Mike boogie and Danielle and everyone assumes that the big brother 6 players have alliance. If there wasn’t a season 6 alliance before there is one now. With all the talk in the house of the season six alliance why would they not align?

Marcellas and Erika both enter the HOH room and try to talk to Janelle about the two evil women that knocked them out and caused their need for vengeance. Would it not feel amazing to knock out the person who caused your eviction in the first round of the game? Marcellas states, ” My entire being wants to get Danielle out the first chance I get” Erika wants Alison out and Marcellas wants Danielle out. Janelle thinks that Alison poses the most threat competition wise, as Danielle has been weak at challenges in the past. Marcellas agrees that Alison may be the stronger competitor but tells the camera that, “Danielle is a manipulator and that her jugular is exposed and it’s too juicy.” He continues to tell the girls that “its hell in one hand and hell in the other.”

The Power of Veto competition is a competition that will give the winner a chance to veto one of the nominations and choose someone else. The POV competition had 6 competitors, “the two HOH’s: Janelle and Jase, The two nominated: Alison and Danielle, and two randomly selected: Chicken George and Kaysar. Mike Boogie was selected as the announcer for the show by the two HOH’s. Alison thought that she is going to run Janelle over and Danielle feels desperate. The competition is announced as a “diving competition” and Danielle is frightened as she does not like “wet water”- is there any other kind?

The surprise twist is that this is a Big Brother Dump Dive. The dump contains articles from the past 6 seasons. each Houseguest had to jump into the dumpsters and rummage through the dump and find 6 veto signs, then jump into the dump and place it them on a veto holder sign. Just before Mike Boogie says go- he announces that their are a few more things that need to go in each hg Dumpster. PB and J sandwiches were added into each dump as they will no longer be served , along with 6 seasons worth of soiled hair from the drains, Mud from Big Brother 2’s dirty dozen, and Fish Chump from Big Brother 4’s who’s your Chump and ice clam sundaes from Big Brother 6’s ice shack from hell, all mixed into one were dumped over each hg one at a time. Everyone was rather disgusted except for Chicken George who seemed to not only embrace his fate, but rather enjoyed being covered in fowl waste.

While George dug up the place playing dust hockey, and the fowl smell made the hg’s eyes burn, all dug deep and tried to uncover vetos. Kaysar and Janelle went neck and neck Danielle was not too far behind, and chicken george, Jase, and Alison could not seem to catch up. But Janelle was unstoppable. The final totals were: Janelle 6, Kaysar 4, Danielle 3, Jase 2, George and Alison 1 each. Alison replied to Janelle’s win by stating the popular line ” I think Janelle sealed my fate.” Janelle was happy and proud of herself for starting off Allstars both the winner of HOH and POV, and Jase wanted Janelle to win and not himself in order to take the target off of him and onto Janelle.

Although Dr. Will seemed to try to stir up stuff which almost swayed Janelle to use her power of veto- in the end she decided to keep Danielle and Alison up for eviction in order to keep the house happy. A smart move by Janelle as most seem to understand why they were up for elimination.

Things now are really starting to heat up in the Big Brother Allstars House and the next show is only a day away! In the mean time- watch the live feeds, 4 cameras on 24/7 in the Big Brother house.

This weekend on the Live Feeds Howie threatened to become Hurricane Howie on Nakomis- does Howie know what he is up against? Chicken george got drunk and tried to make a detergent slip and slide. Janelle and Erika made an alliance and swear that they would never vote for or nominate each other. Also Erika and Jase seemed to be getting along really well and Erika got annoyed at how Howie keeps looking at her butt and her breasts (with good reason) and Howie stays obessed with Dr. Will. Don’t have live feeds? You don’t know what your missing!!!

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Web Therapy: An Old Flame: Part 1 (#1.1)

Fiona Wallice starts a 3-minute web therapy session because she finds the 50-minute session long-winded, fatuous and maudlin; the best part is that she casually informs this to her first patient as if she is telling him ‘I don’t want to be bored with your talks!”. In fact, Fiona may be the worst or in other words the coolest web therapists because the conventional therapists can be so preachy and annoying. She sorts out her past issues with her old flame and ex-colleague who had kissed her by misinterpreting her line of “Please close the door” as “Please kiss my lips!”. The man now looks lonely, despondent and diffident and Fiona tries to sort his problem.

Much of the humor comes from the sharp-witted script, Kudrow’s matter-of-factly delivery and Tim Bagley’s reactions. However, Lisa has the habit of drawling out her lines a lot, thus restraining the number of punch lines that could be there in one episode. In the brilliant episode with Meryl, Meryl delivers so many punches in the little time that she gets, something that Lisa should learn (a couple of vocal lessons).

Overall, a great starter!

My Rating: 6.3 out of 10

“Web Therapy: An Old Flame: Part 2 (#1.2)”

Fiona Wallice, the web therapist continues to chat with her old flame by trying to clear things up with him and providing guidance about his new love. She, however, chooses to wear a sexy red dress for the occasion, thus showing her failure as an actual therapist. Richard has a very good gag when he is asked by Fiona to unbutton the collar button of his shirt and he unbuttons one or two more than that.

The show however is just too short to really take advantage of its writing; it was a smart move to increase the duration of the show in the later episodes.

My Rating: 4.8 out of 10

“Web Therapy: An Old Flame: Part 3 (#1.3)”

A very coquettish Fiona decides to ruin Richard’s relationship with his fiancĂ© and this gives a completely different picture of the web therapist that of a self-centered home wrecker.

Lisa Kudrow cannot inhabit a character, that’s one thing for sure, but she does deliver some good punches, especially when she explains her behavior with Richard’s fiancĂ© to Richard. When I compare this to Meryl Streep’s episode, Kudrow in the latter couldn’t keep pace with Meryl’s brilliance. Here, she is saved because Tim Bagley himself plays his role as simply as possible.

I do however blame the writers here for giving such inconsistencies to the plot in an attempt to bring more laughs. Richard’s character is somewhat confusing because I never felt he thought he would do what he did in the end after finding out Fiona’s intentions. It makes both appear antagonistic.

My Rating: 5 out of 10

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