CW recently aired the very first episode of Vampire Diaries season 3, which was called “The Birthday. ” It skipped ahead a couple weeks to Elena’s 18th birthday party. Unfortunately, Elena wasn’t really in the state of mind to celebrate because the love of her life Stefan is gone, and acting very bad with horrible Klaus.

Elena and Damon continued to try and keep track of Stefan’s location, and consequently see that Stefan has pretty much gone off the deep end, if not completely, delivering his old “ripper” murdering ways. Apparently, he was assisting Klaus with a brand new plan to make more vampire/werewolf hybrids like him, and his first victim was a werewolf character named Ray Sutton.

Meanwhile, Tyler and Caroline finally give into their sexual urges, and did the nasty, while Jeremy was constantly getting haunted by his past, deceased girlfriends Anna and Vicki. He also made an effort to keep hiding it from Matt, but he could see something was going on with him.

Stefan also served a very crazy death to Damon’s girlfriend Andy to get Damon to leave him alone. Eventually, it ended with Stefan delivering a mute phone call to Elena, that was fairly emotionally charged, despite the fact that he didn’t make one sound. I thought the episode was a very good introduction to the brand new season, and set a pretty excellent tone for all the craziness that’s coming up.

The following episode is labeled “The Hybrid, ” and will show Damon entering into extra werewolf dangers, while seeking to perform one more of Elena’s wild, crazy plans to rescue Stefan from the grip of bad Klaus. Elena is very much in love with Stefan and simply won’t give up her search for him. At one point, she’s seen telling Damon about the bizarre phone call Stefan made to her, and tries to convince Damon he can still be rescued.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is actually going to go to Matt for support when the whole Anna/Vicki ghosts thing becomes too serious for him. Tyler is going to have an intense confrontation with his mother, totally unaware she just violently trapped Caroline. It sounds like it will definitely be intense.

Also, Tyler’s mother is going to make a phone call to an unknown person, claiming that she’s run into some vampire trouble. It’s really crazy because she does it in a way to suggest she’s always been aware of vampires.

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All HD TV programming got a little bit duller when the classic comedy Arrested Development went off the air. Satellite TV viewers have the option to check on the show from a number of different angles. Considering the innumerable hilarious moments, everybody wins because of it. Here are 5 classic HD episodes to check out.

1. “Beef Consomm√©.” GOB has a way with women and is continuing his relationship with Marta, the telenovela star. However, GOB’s insensitivity has driven her into the arms of Michael, known to GOB only as the “hermano.” Believing “hermano” is a name and not the Spanish word for brother, he goes looking for the lover on the set of Marta’s TV show. When a confused cast member asks the rabid GOB what he wants (“Como?”), GOB threatens to put him in a “como.” Check out this episode without commercials on the IFC HD network.

2. “Meet the Veals.” With Michael distressed over his son dating a boring, conservative girl, he decides to invite the girl’s parents to a Bluth family party. One look at the family and they will take their daughter away for good, he believes. Things start to go awry as George Sr. wants Lucille drugged and kidnapped so they can renew their vows. Meanwhile, the beautiful Mrs. Veal looks to Michael to show her the ways of the “secular” world, having grown tired of her pastor husband. The climax in the church is one of the signature moments of this spectacular series.

3. “Queen for a Day.” As this episode moves along, the story of Tobias buying a gay club in a bad neighborhood runs on autopilot. However, the beginning is as hilarious as TV has even been. GOB comes into the model house one morning to inform everyone that Sitwell fired him. His continuous pitch of housing projects for single people with loose morals had made Sitwell lose interest in GOB. Meanwhile, Buster has a little break from army duty and has Tobias accompany him in the hunt for women “who haven’t given birth to” him.

4. “Sword of Destiny.” Ben Stiller has a terrific guest starring role as Tony Wonder, the magician who runs the “Use Your Allusion” video series (“If you can mix in an allusion,” he tells Buster and GOB, “that would be great. Like Poe. No, don’t use Poe. I’m using Poe.”). GOB needs to pretend to be Buster’s magician assistant because he has been banned from the Federation (again) for revealing how he performs his illusions. Stiller is matched only by the acting of Will Arnett in this HD episode.

5. “Staff Infection.” Michael realizes that the company payroll is being dragged down by the family members who receive check without actually working. To teach them a lesson, Michael asks them to go to work. Buster and GOB end up on a housing construction project. Watch them square off in an epic game of chicken.

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