Episode 3 of the ground breaking new zombie apocalypse show; The Walking Dead premiered on November 14th 2010 on the AMC television network. The Walking Dead Episode 3; Tell it to the frogs starts off where the last episode ended. The group that escaped from the mall comes back to camp. Rick, the protagonist of the series has been searching for his wife and kid and is finally reunited with them back at the camp in this episode in an absolutely heart warming moment that will likely bring tears to the biggest zombie fans eyes. Rick’s best friend Shane, and fellow police officer is also at the camp. Shane and Ricks wife, thinking that Rick has been dead this entire time, have secretly been having an affair. When Rick walks back into camp, it is obvious that Shane is heartbroken, yet happy to see his best friend.

Things seem fine, until Merles brother(Merle is the man that they left at the top of the mall in Atlanta) comes back to camp looking for his brother. Rick is forced to tell him that they left him their. Obviously Merles brother is very upset and attacks Rick. Rick, being a police officer, quickly subdues him. Rick, Merles brother, and Glen(an Asian American that knows his way around the city) decide to go back to Atlanta to try and rescue Merle. Right before they leave, they hear a scream and run to go see what is going on. A zombie, or as they call it in the show, a “walker” has made its way up to camp. It is promptly killed, yet leaves the group of campers shaken.

The 3 men leave for Atlanta, and once they get to the top of the Mall find that the only thing left of Merle, is his hand. It is hinted at that he cut his hand off in order to get out of the hand cuffs. The show ends there on a cliff hanger.

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At some point everybody will buy a certain piece of technology or some kind of gadget that they feel attached to, that they love. This happens with people every day and is why people go to get an iPhone screen replacement or an iPad repair, and similar situations are demonstrated on popular TV shows on a regular basis. In fact, on an episode of the hit FX show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” the gang of bar owners buys a flat screen, very thin television that all the main characters Dennis, Charlie, Dee, and Mac love. The television then plays an important part in the rest of the episode that very few viewers would have seen coming when the plotline comes near its conclusion.

In the episode, the local newspaper has given Paddy’s Pub, the bar that the main characters own and work in, a terrible review and has actually called them the worst bar in Philadelphia. In addition, he refers to the men of the bar as classless boors and Dee as surly and white trash. The poor review and the insults anger the four bar owners and they go and try to talk the man into writing a new review, which as expected goes poorly.

But, after they have all left the office of the paper and head back to the bar the rest of the gang finds Charlie waiting to make a very strange announcement. As it turns out, after their meeting with the writer Charlie started drinking and got mad, and then decided to kidnap the writer and bring him to the pub. The gang holds him hostage for a while and hilarity ensues as they all try to figure out ways to convince him to first of all write a new review of their bar and second of all to not press charges against them for kidnapping.

In a vain attempt to make it look like the writer for the local paper has not been kidnapped, Dee and her brother Dennis then go over to the apartment building where the writer lives and try to pack his suitcase so that it looks like he is gone on vacation. However, they quickly figure out that they actually broke into the wrong apartment when the writer’s neighbor barges in on them packing his clothes into a suitcase. Dennis and Dee then wind up kidnapping the neighbor as well, hoping that he will not say anything about the kidnapping either.

Finally, as the episode comes to its ridiculous conclusion the gang decides that the first order of business is to bribe the neighbor so that he will not tell the police about being held hostage. This is the point in the story when the aforementioned flat screen TV comes back in to the plot, as this is what the man demands as compensation for his having been taken prisoner. Lastly, Charlie hits the writer on the head with a glass bottle to try and give him amnesia and they return him home. The next day the gang goes to the bar to find a new review of their bar in which the writer insults them even more mercilessly then before, saying that rather than tell the police he was kidnapped he will just allow them to stay in the hole they created. Upset that he did not mention any of them by name, the gang walks out the door to have another talk with the writer as the credits roll begin to roll.

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