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I had a theory before this episode that the cave in the last episode, The Substitute, was not Jacob’s cave. I believed that it was New Locke’s cave and that both he and Jacob had their own lists of possible candidates to take over for them. I believed that this episode, Lighthouse, was going to show us Jacob’s list and Shephard wouldn’t be on it. I was wrong. So, this leaves me with the same question I had before – if Shephard is on both the list and the sundial in the lighthouse, why in season three do they clearly state that, “Jack isn’t even on Jacob’s list.” Then who is this Shephard? Did the Others have false information? If so, why were they lied to?

Jack breaking the mirrors in the lighthouse really annoyed me. I would have had to seen what was in the mirrors at 108 degrees ( 108 is the sum of 4,8,15,16,23,42). The 108th name on the sundial said WALLACE and was scratched out.

The mirrors on the sundial appeared to show the church where Jacob touched Sawyer before Jack seen his house.

Claire’s character has definitely transformed. She comes across as even more ruthless than Rousseau was. It makes me wonder if Sayid’s character will change to this extent. Because Sayid wasn’t a little innocent girl like Claire was, he was a dangerous man from the get go and the infection could show what he is really capable of. I had high hopes for Sayid’s character, but I feel it’s just going to end badly for him now.

In the off the island timeline Jack is a father, but the mother of his child is never revealed. Could it be his first wife? Kate? Juliet?

Off The Island Recap:

Jack has the scar still from his appendix being removed. His mother says it was taken out when he was around six or seven. She asks Jack, “Don’t you remember? They wouldn’t let your father remove it.” Jack says he remembers but comes across as doubtful.

He then goes pick up his son, David, from school. I’m not the best judge of age but I’d say he is around 12 years old give or take. They apparently see one another about as much as they speak, which is not often. Jack goes off to his mother’s house to help her look for his father’s will. When she finally locates it, she does a quick glance and asks Jack if he knows Claire.


Once Jack returns home he can’t find David. He heads to David’s mother’s house to check there, but only finds a voice message confirming a seven pm audition. Jack goes to the audition and walks in on his son playing the piano and is amazed by his talent. A young kid tells Jack, “your son is very good.” This kid is with none other than Dogen. Jack and Dogen say a few words to one another but it seems meaningless.

After the audition Jack tells David he didn’t know he was still playing. David said he had asked his mother to keep it a secret from Jack because basically he was worried if he didn’t do well Jack would think he was a failure. Jack lets him know that would never be the case and it pretty much wrapped up the off the island part of the show.

On The Island Recap:

Jacob appears to Hurley with instructions to take Jack to the Lighthouse. They must go there and turn this sundial to 108 degrees. Jacob tells Hurley he has to do this because someone is coming to the island and he needs him to make sure they can find it.

Dogen finds Hurley wandering around the temple, looking for the secret passage Jacob told him about, and tells him he shouldn’t be here to go to the courtyard. Jacob appears to Hurley again and tells him to tell Dogen that he is a candidate and he can do what he wants. Dogen obviously angered once Hurley says this but he leaves and lets Hurley do as he pleases. Jacob tells Hurley that he can’t go at it alone and must go get Jack. In order to get Jack to go to the lighthouse Jacob gives Hurley a message to tell Jack, “He has what it takes.”

Meanwhile, of the two Others Claire had shot last episode one is still alive. She takes Jin and the Other to her hut. There she doctors Jin’s wounds up and keeps the Other prisoner. She tells Jin that a friend and her father said the Others took her baby. She slams an axe in the chest of the Other killing him because he gives her no information on the baby’s whereabouts. Then her friend shows up shortly afterwards and it turns out
to be New Locke.

At the Lighthouse Hurley begins to move the sundial to 108 degrees. As Jack watches he notices something in the mirror. Then he looks closer and sees people names near each number on the sundial, his included. He is number 23 and rushes to move the dial to his number. When he gets the dial on his number he looks in the mirrors and sees the house he grew up in. Realizing he has been watched throughout his life he gets angry and breaks the mirrors.

Finally, Jack sits on the rocks and stares out into the ocean. Jacob appears back to Hurley and basically said he needed Jack to see the mirror to know he is on the island for a reason. He can’t tell Jack what that reason is, he has to figure it out on his own. Additionally, Jacob said he had to get Hurley as far from the temple as possible because someone bad is going there.



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It’s an amazing thing how a show can change direction so suddenly so many times over several years and still maintain its momentum. In the case of Battlestar Galactica we once again leave a 60 minute block of time in a completely different place than we started it. Where we left the mid-season finale asking ourselves “now what” with Sometimes a Great Notion we’re getting a clear picture that this show has no intention to “wind down” quietly. They start to this string of final episodes with one dizzying revelation after another.

I had to smile as the end credits began. The taste for blood is back and we’ve gotten the most entertaining hour of Galactica that we could have hoped for. The biggest head scratcher may be just how in the hell they can still be blowing things up so dramatically with only 10 or so hours left in the run of the series. As if there weren’t enough questions still unanswered at the start of this episode, apparently the writing strategy was basically just screw the last four years of teasing, answer all the questions raised in that time and let’s blow the audience’s mind by starting a whole new set of mysteries.

It’s hard to review a single episode of an episodic drama, but my overall gut reaction is shock and delight. Let’s just hit some high points:

o Just in case you haven’t seen it, one more fatality drops the count of human survivors by one. It’s one of the most shocking and unexpected deaths of any character in the series so far.

o What? The final Cylon is revealed tonight? Yep. To be fair (if you haven’t seen it) Ron Moore and many of the Battlestar staff had commented that they hadn’t seen ANY correct guesses on the internet. Well, for those that have seen it, we now know that was a complete bullshit statement. While the final Cylon may not have been the leading candidate, it had been put forth by many “professional” internet forum slobs and talkbackers. Yes it’s a person and not some “abstract concept.”

o The discoveries made on Earth were appetizingly fiendish. It’s almost hard to wrap your mind around how much excessive speculation had been put forth over the last couple of years. Now vast questions about the nature of Earth and the Colonial religious folklore are simply cleared up and wiped away in a few key scenes.

o I don’t know exactly why or exactly how, but I think we can all agree that Starbuck is screwed. Nothing good can come from the things she’s seen this week.

o Saul Tigh continues to be one of the greatest characters on television. They’ve been leading up to this for entire first half of season 4. The addiction tables have been turned, and the revelation of a post apocalyptic Earth has helped Admiral Adama’s trip toward alcoholism along nicely, as well as begun to push the entire crew of Galactica and the rest of the fleet toward hopelessness bordering on insanity. One the biggest signs that you have a problem with alcohol is when SAUL TIGH has to tell you that you’ve had enough to drink.

o One of the most intense, uncomfortable dramatic confrontations in the run of the entire series takes place in Saul’s quarters. I’ve never been so delighted by a performance yet dismayed by it’s implications.

oThere’s no question that one of the key reasons for the high quality of this program is the continued impressive performances of its leads. As great as the writing has been for the past several years, I’m not sure that any of this could have been have been sustained without Olmos, McDonnell, Callis, etc. This show has been elevated by the greatness of its leads and carried convincingly even in it’s “lesser” periods by this troupe of great actors. While I hope the show goes out with a bang in a couple of months, I also hope it goes out with a handful of Emmy Awards for it’s stars.

In short, if you had any doubts, Sometimes a Great Notion certainly seems like that Galactica isn’t going go out quietly. Can’t wait until next week.

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Woman On The Verge is a pretty hefty episode, and the music choices are as varied as the emotions and roles that each character takes on. The sounds of jazz and soothing melodies paired with touching lyrics fill the silence. As a bonus, GG band, Lincoln Hawk plays a cover of Pieces of Me by Song and Wagner. The band is playing the song at the very end of the episode, when Georgina has left the concert with Dan and the rest of the gang arrives at the concert to confront her.

There are more songs paired to Georgina scenes in this episode than any other. At the very beginning of the episode there is a montage of Georgina trying to repeatedly get a hold of Serena and phoning her non stop. During the montage Cities In Dust by Junkie XL featuring Lauren Rocket plays and leads into the scene where Lily begins to search Serena’s room. When Georgina lies to Dan in order to get him to leave with her and dispel any rumors, Stay by Lisa Loeb plays in the background.

Strong music follows Serena as she goes through her revelation of and then deals with the secret she has kept for a year. When Serena’s mom finds and plays the sex tape that Georgina was using to blackmail Serena, Off the Wall by Cham Pain begins. As the sex tape continues and Lily keeps watching Hook and Line by The Kills gets louder and louder. The same song returns later when Serena reveals her story and cries over the kiss that Dan and Georgina shared.

Finally, when Blair and Chuck treat Serena like the friend she is and come to her defense at Lily and Bart’s rehearsal dinner, Fight Song by Republic Tigers plays. Jazz can be heard in the background later when Blair informs Lily that what Serena needs is a mother and not a discipliner.

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