I thought “School Lies” was one of the best episodes of the season. Why? Well, for one, the show’s just getting better and better. But also because this episode was both a lot of fun to watch and really emotional.

And because Chuck is back. I seriously missed his evil grin. Am I the only one who thinks he and Blair make a perfect couple? The ice queen and the devil. I love it.

In case you missed it, the episode was about a party– and the consequences of that party. When Serena, Blair, and all their high-society buddies break into the school pool building to throw a drunken party, one kid gets hurt, and they all get caught. But who’s the one who broke in? The new headmistress at the school is going to find out, come hell or high water.

While I liked the headmistress character, I did wish she were a little … well, nastier. I really like the idea of Constance school being ruled by an evil-but-iron fist. But that’s probably because I love the idea of Blair “the grande bitch” going up against her. I think I enjoy Blair’s withering sarcasm and icy glance more than is healthy.

So Blair, Serena, Chuck, and the others make a pact not to tell the headmistress, but as we all know, these pacts rarely last. And Dan is the first one to start having doubts. He’s poor, they’re rich… Dan is thinking he’s going to get the short end of the stick. And he’s probably right.


But like Wonder Woman, Serena swoops in and admits that she was the one with a stolen key to the school, saving Dan from the jaws of the headmistress monster. It seems like Serena gets nicer every week. Prettier and perfect-er and sweeter. I hate her for it. But she’s crazy about Dan, and willing to put her future on the line to protect him. A hard choice, but the right one. Good for Serena.

Serena wasn’t the only one making hard choices this episode. Lily almost turns down Chuck’s rather icky father, Bart (what does she see in this creep? Just money?), to be with Rufus instead. But when Serena finds out, she asks her mom not to. She doesn’t want to be Dan’s step sister. “It feels like forever,” she says, talking about Dan’s and her relationship.

I was pretty surprised that Lily did what Serena wanted. Miss Rich Lily can be nasty and sarcastic, but I guess she really does love her kids. She gives up on Rufus (for now) and ends up with Bart.

But… I’m thinking with Chuck whispering about bathing together in Serena’s ear, Serena will soon have a change of heart about who she wants to be her step brother.

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Like I promised before, I am continuing my writing about this Emmy award TV-Drama. Not to bother anybody, just for documentation in the internet. Because I find no adequate response about this at the time, meanwhile blogging was not popular yet at the time this serial broadcasted. So, although this is an old issue, I write it down anyway for anybody who wants to know the truth about Indonesia. For clarity, I put it in pointers.

* The name and actor choosing for Indonesian character is not good enough. They look more like Japanese than Indonesian. Only Indonesian President acted by Indonesian man named Ariono Suriawinata. The other by American-Japanese (Nelson Mashita as Minaldi, state interpreter) and American-German (Peter Kors as Rahmadi Sumahidjo Bambang, Indonesian Deputy). Many Indonesian has no family name, although several ethnic has. My name for example, has no family name although another Javanese has. The name Rahmadi Sumahidjo Bambang is unusual, because Bambang is first name. So, it must be Bambang Rahmadi Sumahidjo or Bambang Sumahidjo Rahmadi. Awkwardly, he stated by Minaldi as Batak, meanwhile this Bambang name is clearly Javanese name. I guess the scriptwriter of this episode inspired by the name of one Indonesian rich man, who’s owned McDonalds franchise throughout all Indonesia. He is Bambang N. Rachmadi. Even the Indonesian President name is Rahm Siguto! Beside influenced by this Indonesian McDonalds franchisee boss, the name showed that the president is half Japanese maybe. (Siguto is not Indonesian name at all, except they changed to Sugito which Javanese).

* Although became background information only, there are three scenes that Donna Moss -Joshua Lyman secretary- spread information about massacre in Indonesia. Considering this TV-drama making and broadcasting year in 1999, it should be Malang, Ciamis, and surrounding incident. Yes, there was doubt in Indonesian government bodies including police to take appropriate and fast action to law enforcement at that time. Because they are frightened to be accused by international bodies as the actor of human right violation. There are more than several victims which died because they were accused as sorcerer. But one thing that I want to stress here is, that incident only happened once and only in Java Island. Indonesia as a nation have more than 700 ethnics which can bring up problem in their daily life because their different culture and way of life. That incident is not happened daily in our country. We are peaceful people, indeed.

* There is one scene showed photo session for presidential palace journalist. I think it is unusual to put their nation flag behind each own leader. The usual way is change position. So The Star & Stripes should put behind Indonesian President, meanwhile Sang Saka Merah Putih (The Sacred Red and White) put behind US President.

* In any official state party, it is impossible for host to abandon their guest. There is more than one scene that US President can leave the party just for given information by his staff about condition happened outside the palace.

* American audience seems didn’t care enough for that entire mistake facts about Indonesia. They put their attention more to Sam Seaborn scandal with Brittany ‘Laurie’ Rollins. FYI, in this TV-drama, the character of Brittany is Sam’s friend. But those White House staff looked fall in love with her. The problem is Brittany ‘night job’ as call girl which has negative image. In this episode, Sam seemed have a lunch together with Brittany and in that moment Brittany told Sam that she had ‘night job’ that night. Surprisingly, Brittany ‘night job’ is to accompany one big entrepreneur to attend party at White House, when she meets Seaborn there. American audience criticized that is impossible for anybody to enter official party in White House without clear identity like name, address, and social security number. I don’t know about the White House procedure, but I agree it seems too easy for people to enter presidential palace. It can be dangerous for the president himself of course.

However, I conclude the same way like The Jakarta Post did: “anyway, this is a fiction only.” But unfortunately, a fiction like this commonly more influenced in people’s awareness because the choice of ‘the right way’ to communicate the message itself. It is entertaining and audio-visual. Just like hoax which Bush did that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Many American people believe because he communicate this fake fact with right communication way. And this is one of the negative impacts of communication using.

Article source:
http://bhayu.wordpress.com/2007/10/20/more-mistakes-in-west-wing-series-1-episode-7/ -Within this source you can see picture also.

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