Over the years many foreign things have come to America and become popular and famous. The Beatles, for example, are a band from overseas, and kung fu movies largely originated in China. Also, toys sometimes make it to America from overseas and become a big hit. Some things in this category include the bizarre little creatures called Pokemon which were placed on cards and traded by small children all across the nation in the late nineties and early 21st century. Also popular are many different oriental dolls and Chinese board games such as Chinese checkers. Often times, these things are then referenced in pop culture such as television shows. For example, Chinese checkers was once mentioned on an episode of the popular television show, “It Is Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

The episode in question had a very funny plot. The three main men on the show are named Dennis, Charlie, and Mac and all three are part owners of a bar in which the show is mainly set. A recurring character on the program is a woman named The Waitress, who has no other name, and Charlie is in love with her and constantly annoys her to date him, to no avail. On this episode Charlie was talking about who his best friend was, and since Dennis had already had a fling with the waitress, that eliminated him from contention. Meanwhile, Mac has been making tapes of himself trying to look tough and showed them off to the other two.

After showing Charlie one of his tapes, Mac sees Charlie destroying what he thinks is his tape and decides to try and get with Charlie’s love the waitress to get back at him. Charlie has learned about somebody dating the waitress, unaware that it is Mac, and sends Mac to beat the man up. After sending Mac on his mission to injure the man he thinks is dating his true love, Charlie stays the night at Mac and Dennis’s apartment. Still bothered by not being Charlie’s best friend, Dennis tries to convince Charlie to hang out with him and play board games like Chinese checkers instead of simply sitting around waiting for Mac to return. Charlie responds to the suggestion of playing Chinese checkers by saying that the game is a bit foreign for his tastes.

Dennis, after having figured out that Mac is with the waitress himself, convinces Charlie of this fact and the two of them decide to try and catch the new couple together to see for sure. The episode ends when it turns out that Charlie was destroying an entirely different tape to the one that Mac thought and it was all just a big misunderstanding and after all their hilarious backstabbing of each other decide that they should all just be three best friends rather than trying to destroy each other all the time.

“It Is Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” has now run for five seasons and with hysterical episodes with maniacal backstabbing and extreme selfishness amongst the main characters the show, once described by a critic as being like Seinfeld on drugs, will certainly be going for a long time to come.

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Episode 16 “The Secret of Jinchuriki”

Kakashi’s and Guy’s teams both figure out that their battles with the doppelgängers were set-up to delay them from coming to Gaara’s rescue. Chiyo reveals that in attempts to control the power of the tailed beasts they were bound to human hosts called “Jinchuriki”, and that the human host dies when the beast is extracted – increasing the urgency of saving Gaara. Kankuro is awake and joins a meeting of the Sand council where the history of the Sand village is explained. Both teams stop to rest since their battles have taken their tolls and in preparation for the battles to come. Akatsuki sends Zetsu to “dispose” of the doppelgängers corpses.

Episode 17 “Gaara Dies!”

Team Guy and Team Kakashi both finish their breaks and go on towards the Akatsuki lair. Naruto shows intense passion and is in a hurry to reach Gaara. Chiyo notices this and Kakashi explains to her that Naruto is also a Jinchuriki and knows the pain Gaara has lived through. Chiyo explains that she was the ninja who sealed Shukaku in Gaara, in order to protect the Sand village. Meanwhile, Akatsuki has finished extracting Shukaku from Gaara, who dies wondering if he has become a person whom others need. Team Guy and Team Kakashi finally meet in front of the sealed entrance to the Akatsuki lair.

Episode 18 “Break In! Button Hook Entry”

Team Guy and Team Kakashi find out there is a barrier protecting the Akatsuki hideout, being generated by 5 forbidden tags in the area. After preparations, Team Guy removes the tags and disables the barrier allowing Team Kakashi to enter the hideout. Meanwhile the Akatsuki members have ended the astral projection technique and left the hideout. Deidara and Sasori who were the only ones physically present, remain behind to take care of the intruders.

Episode 19 “Traps Activate! Team Guy’s Enemies”

Team Guy fights with exact clones of themselves, a trap set off by their removal of the barrier tags. Deidara takes Gaara’s body outside of the cavern, followed by Naruto and Kakashi. Chiyo and Sakura stay behind to fight Sasori.

Episode 20 “Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi”

Chiyo explains to Sakura that Sasori used to be one of the best puppeteers in Sunagakure, but he began experimenting with real people. Sakura learns that Sasori’s true body is hiding within his favorite puppet, Hiruko, ensuring that he cannot be attacked while controlling it. The only way to defeat Sasori is to destroy his puppet. Using teamwork, Chiyo and Sakura are able to dodge Sasori’s attacks and demolish the puppet, from which Sasori himself emerges. Just outside, Deidara begins telling Naruto and Kakashi how much stronger Sasori is compared to himself.

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Author: Catherine Bontuyan
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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