It was down to the final five on “Project Runway” and somehow Michael C. has almost made it to Fashion Week. The five met Heidi on the runway and she told them she had a surprise for them. They thought it was a trick, but they got to spend the night in the presidential suite and enjoy champagne.

The final challenge, announced by Mayor Bloomberg, was to find inspiration in a New York City landmark. The designers could pick any place they wanted and had a budget of $500.

Gretchen chose the Lower East Side, Mondo and April chose the Brooklyn Bridge, Michael C. chose the Statue of Liberty, and Andy chose Central Park. Tim told April she should try to surprise the judges. Gretchen talked trash about Michael C., saying her reminded her of where she was five years ago as a designer by only making dresses and replicating looks. Michael C. was concerned his look was too safe so he cut out another one just in case. Mondo was so exhausted, he took a long nap, putting him far behind in the challenge. Gretchen thought Andy’s look was slutty and Andy agreed, saying he “gave birth to a Chinese prostitute.”

Mondo couldn’t work with his sequined fabric, which made Tim happy. Tim told April to step back and edit her look, which Mondo thought was close to being costumey. Tim told Michael C. to look around the room and see what the other designers were doing, but not to lose his voice in the garment. Tim also cautioned Andy about his look being too slutty, but it wasn’t as bad when his model put it on.

At least Andy’s model had something to try on. Mondo was running so far behind, his model didn’t have an outfit to wear, just pieces. Gretchen didn’t care for Michael C.’s look saying he was “either an idiot savant or just and idiot” to Andy. She also thought April’s look was witchy, but I had to agree.

The guest judge was Season 4 winner Christian Siriano. I thought Michael C. took his Statue of Liberty drapped look too literally and frankly, I thought it was a bit boring. But, the judges raved about it. Michael Kors said “You wanted a showstopper and you got one.” Nina was impressed with the back and Christian called it “effortless old Hollywood.”


Mondo’s outfit was cute, if not a bit understated for him. Michael Kors said he proved that color wasn’t his crutch, since the outfit was black and white. Nina thought it was phenomenal, but Heidi wanted to see something different from him.

The judges had grown a bit weary of Andy’s “warrior” look. Although Michael Kors didn’t get Central Park at all, but he said it was beautifully crafted. Heidi liked the lines and Nina said it was the perfect black dress for the edgy girl.

The one that really got slammed was Gretchen. Michael Kors said he was confused by her look. Nina asked “What happened?” and Gretchen admitted she had lost her steam and started tearing up. Christian made things a bit better by saying it was wearable, but I thought it was an ugly outfit.

April too got slammed, with Michael Kors saying the sameness of her outfits was so numbing and said the model looked like a “pregnant witch.” He followed that up by telling her there was no joy in her clothes. Nina said she wasn’t sure April had any range and April too teared up.

When the judges asked the designers who should go to Fashion Week with them, only Mondo chose Michael C. and Michael C. was the first one to learn he would be in the final four. Mondo was called out next, followed by Andy. That left Gretchen and April and although she served up a terrible outfit, Gretchen will get to make a collection and April was sent home. However, only three of the designers will go to Fashion Week.

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Gossip Girl fans, will this season primarily chronicle Blair’s numerous attempts at regaining her social status? “Dan De Fleurette” shifts some of the Gossip Girl show’s focus away from Blair.

In a massive act of desperation, Blair seeks out The Masters of the Universe Society, thinking she’ll find some elite group of aspiring financiers. Too bad it’s the group she snubbed from Georgina’s party-a cartoon club! Fate gives her a break (or a frantic text) and lets her relive her Constance glory days by hosting the annual Waldorf sleepover.

While Blair is still struggling to find her place at NYU, Jenny is preparing for her first day as Queen Bee at Constance. Little J’s hopes of a democracy are overruled when Blair interferes, and color me not surprised when she caves under the pressure. Who better to help Jenny take back her reign than Chuck? The Gossip Girl music choice for this hostile takeover maneuver at the “Fleur” movie premiere: Far East Movement’s “Dance Like Michael Jackson”.

The Chuck/Jenny stratagem happens at the premiere where Serena (still not going to Brown but finally told a newly returned Lily) is working for Ursulla (Tyra Banks) as her bff/babysitter/publicist.

What about Dan? Dan is at the premiere with Vanessa, who is still uselessly pining away for Scott. She scores an invite from her celeb roomie, Olivia Burke (Hilary Duff) who is also Dan’s new crush. He knows her has Kate, the ordinary girl that paid for his coffee at the beginning of the show.

Now for the reason many of us watch Gossip Girl religiously-the music! Featured Gossip Girl songs I haven’t already mentioned: Almost Charlie’s “Staying is Hard”, The Starlight Mints’ “Black Champagne”, Art Brut’s “Summer Job”, All Wrong and the Plans Change’s “I Get Down”, and Passion Pit’s “Moth’s Wings”.

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