In a word, yes! You can watch TV episodes online. As with everything like this there is a catch; you can’t usually get cable programs, and there are restrictions with country of origin on other programming. Watching TV episodes online can be fun if you have the right tools. These tools come in the form a client that streams TV programs to your computer.

If you are after a network TV program you can watch the episodes online at their websites. Usually, they put them up the day after they have aired the program. It’s a win-win situation for them, because it keeps the viewer interested and they are more likely to switch on the TV to watch the next episode. The problem is if you aren’t in the country where the show is aired you can’t watch it all. And even if you are, the episodes are only online for a limited time.

Cable TV is even more restricted. Cable works on a user subscription base, so they have exclusive viewing rights on the programs aired. Putting the episodes online on their websites defeats the purpose. You can go to torrent to get them, but if you don’t want to take this route because of the legality, or maybe lack of hard drive space, then there are alternatives.

You can download a client easily that will allow you access to cable programming. The beauty of this is that it’s not just cable programming from your country, but from all over the world. There are free clients, but it’s most probably not a good thing to take that route because ‘free’ can come at a cost later. You’re better off paying a one time fee for the client and from then on the programs are free, the bonus is you’ll never have to pay a cable TV subscription again. What’s even better is that you’ll get the free to air channels along with it.

Watching TV episodes online can be fun, and you’ll never have to stand at the water cooler again, with a blank face, because you haven’t been able to see the program that they’re all talking about. It’s just a stream the programs to your computer and you’re there.

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There are thousands of websites where you can watch free TV episodes. Here are some of the most popular places which offer free TV episodes online.

YouTube and Google Video

YouTube is currently the most popular video sharing site. Many people don’t know that you can find thousands of free TV episodes and TV shows on YouTube. People upload many different types of TV programs including TV shows, documentaries, sports and movies. Some of the videos may just be clips. But many producers are now uploading full length TV shows, documentaries and movies that you can watch for free. Just remember to use the search function to find what you’re looking for.


This one features news, different documentaries, sports, TV shows, and movies.

The popular PBS website features many of their TV programs online in a free streaming format. You can find many of their programs just by doing a search on their site or by searching the site using Google.


Many of the BBC’s most popular news stories are now being linked to video. It’s just a matter of time before we’re able to watch complete TV programs online. Most of their radio programs are online already. If you’ve missed a program you can just go to their site, find it and listen.

This site offers free online TV channels from all over the world and they have quite a good selection. They have hundreds of channels listed.


At the ABC TV website, you can download and watch free online TV. This is a great site for some of the most popular TV episodes and shows.

There are many other websites where you can watch free TV episodes. You can find most of the sites by doing a search on any major search engine or video sharing site. If you know the exact name of the TV show or episode, simply go to a video sharing site like YouTube or Google Video and do a search there. If someone has uploaded the episode, you’ll be able to watch it for free online.

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