Have you ever been upset for missing the season finale after watching the entire series religiously? How about hearing about a great TV show that you never knew was running? Every day people are missing out on some great television shows and do not know they are available online for download. It is 100% legal to download any television show that is broadcast on public television. Why would they allow for you to tape them with a VCR or use a DVR to record them if it wasn’t? I want to show everyone how to download their favorite episodes because I feel that this method shouldn’t be available only to tech savvy people. It isn’t a closely guarded secret and will never die out.

This sure fire way of downloading TV shows is for those who aren’t fortunate enough to have a DVR or TiVO box or don’t like setting their VCR for 10 different series. Anyone with an internet connection (broadband preferred because some shows are large at times) and a computer can download television shows. The best part is it is extremely easy. You just type in the name of the show, hit search and download to your PC. You can even watch it directly on your computer. That means no hassles in transferring it to media to watch on a TV. However, all of that can be done. If you have a DVD burner you can burn your episodes onto a DVD and watch it on your large flat screen LCD television, that’s what I like to do.

Downloads usually range from 20 minutes to a couple hours to completion. The more popular shows download much faster because there are more people that want to watch them. You can even find some of your episodes in HD quality. Basically you can watch an HD quality picture on your PC without having an HD monitor.

If you would like to learn more about downloading your favorite TV episodes you can visit http://TVEpisodes-Downloads.info

Hope you enjoy downloading all those missed episodes!


Troy is an experienced IT network administrator. He handles the networks of 3 small offices for private insurance agencies. In his spare time he writes articles and enjoys watching CSI, House, and Eureka. He also loves adding to his X Files collection by downloading episodes from the internet.

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Nickelodeon has had a number of great series over the years. By specializing in the decidedly weird tastes of children and young adults, they have created a niche for themselves somewhere between Disney fare and Cartoon Network programming. They have no problem trying unusual series just to see what will happen; this allows them to try series for a little longer than other stations, allowing them to see if a show with even a slow start can find an audience, and finding gold in smaller shows. In a way, this helps explain the popularity of Avatar the Last Airbender episodes.

Avatar the Last Airbender episodes feature a pseudo-Asian setting where martial arts and magic have been fused into an elemental “bending”, where the movements of the person translate into a specific reaction. Each group specializes in a specific element, earth, air, fire, water, and in a particular field, labor, philosophy, combat, defense respectively. The Fire Tribe has decided to conquer the known world, and has been very successful at it. They have not reckoned on the power of the Avatar, who is able to use all of the various elements, but who was trapped until recently. With his freedom, he must quickly learn what it means to be an avatar and quickly.

The popularity of Avatar the Last Airbender episodes is based on the deep story-telling and characters. The world is developed even within the first few episodes, and its depth is astounding. Unlike a number of fantasy worlds, it is easy to believe that the world is real, as its rules are enforced by its inhabitants and their reactions to those rules, as if they expect them to happen rather than being shocked by what they do. The characters evolve as our understanding of the world evolves, creating the rarity in cartoons of characters that we grow to sympathize with and understand their motivations. This makes Zuko, originally a villain into a tragic character and makes his older sister a truly scary character.

By the time that the last Avatar the Last Airbender episodes is shown, we are ready for a climax, and Avatar does not disappoint. We have followed these characters for so long that we want to know how it ends, and the ending is full of enough twists and yet satisfying endings that it works. Unlike a lot of cartoons, when it is over you have eaten steak, not a sundae, and it is more than mere sizzle.

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Author: Jordash Talon
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