Heroes is an amazing show, and this season is holding up as awesome as the first one. It’s really too bad that so many people have been missing out on these last episodes, so I’m going to help you guys out by running through a few of the episodes you may have missed. Today I’ll be outlining Season 2 Episode 2, named “Lizards.”

Dr. Suresh is now officially a Company man, having taken up Bob on his offer to exchange services…Bob helps Mohinder with his research on the virus, and Dr. Suresh takes care of a few Company tasks. His first task takes him to Haiti, where he meets someone rather familiar and successfully cures the person.

Claire Bennet is having some troubles staying “under the radar,” as one of her classmates has taken a liking to her and is getting a little too nosy. Clearly suspecting that she may be more than she lets on, the boy is causing a bit of trouble trying to get her to spill the beans. The jig is up when he catches her regenerating a damaged limb, but Claire’s not the only one hiding an ability.

Officer Parkman isn’t having a very good day either. The shocking murder of somebody very near to one of the Heroes’ heart has caused a stream of craziness, even resulting in Angela Petrelli being locked up and interrogated as the chief suspect. Matt is convinced that Miss Petrelli didn’t do it, but proving that is going to give him quite the headache.

Back in the 17th century, Hiro is having the ride of his life trying to wrap his head around Takezo Kensei, who isn’t the legendary Japanese savior the stories told of. In Hiro’s usual bumbling-yet-valiant manner, he has to take a few things into his own hands to ensure that Kensei lives up to his future reputation.

Back in the present, Peter Petrelli is having a pretty bad time of things as well. Stranded in Ireland with no memories and in the hands of some rather unpleasant people, his life has never sucked any worse – at least as far as he knows…but hey, at least he can shoot electricity from his hands, that’s fun!

Returning to Maya and Alejandro, things just don’t want to get better for the poor Guatemalan siblings. Being chased by the police, they finally make it to the Guatemala/Mexico border only to have Maya’s ability start acting up again. After the troubles this causes, they manage to get back on their way, but it won’t be long before they meet someone who probably doesn’t have their best interests in mind, no matter how suave he is…

This season is rocking just as hard as the first one did, and the show hasn’t lost any of its flavor or love of cliffhanger endings. I’m pretty sure that if you catch up with these episodes, you’ll be as riveted as I am!

Miss an episode? Download Heroes and watch Heroes online. It’s an amazing show, and too much goes on in each episode to let them pass you by!

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