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Good Luck Charlie Episode List (Season 1)

#1: “Study Date”

The pilot episode featuring the first time Amy Duncan leaves her daughter Charlie in the care of her family as she goes back to work.

#2: “Baby Come Back”

Charlie accidentally gets swapped with another baby by PJ, who desperately tries to get her back before her parents find out.

#3: “The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney”

PJ and Gabe suspect their neighbor Mrs. Dabney of killing her husband, and they investigate.

#4: “Double Whammy”

Amy fills in as the school mascot Whammy, gets kidnapped by their rival school and panic ensues.

#5: “Dance Off”

Spencer and Emmett “dance off” to win Teddy’s affections at the school’s Moonlight Dance.

#6: “Charlie Did It!”

Charlie gets arrested for “stealing” a pair of sunglasses, so Teddy and Gabe try to break her out.

#7: “Butt Dialing Duncans”


Some truths inadvertently get revealed through “butt dialing” by the Duncan family, with hilarious consequences.

#8: “Charlie is 1”

The Duncan family reminisce about the day that Charlie was born and how they all made it to the hospital for the birth.

#9: “Up A Tree”

Mrs. Dabney tries to trick the Bob into chopping down their tree, but the Duncans intervene to save the day.

#10: “Take Mel Out to the Ball Game”

Teddy tries to reconcile her dad and her uncle Mel, which causes some real drama at the local ball game.

#11: “Boys Meets Girls”

PJ meets a cute girl, Madison, at work which leads to Emmett getting jealous of her spending time with PJ.

#12: “Kit and Kaboodle”

Gabe has his first crush on a girl called Kit and Teddy “cat sits” Mrs. Dabney’s feline called Kaboodle.

#13: “Teddy’s Little Helper”

Teddy tries to use Charlie to earn brownie points at her school presentation but it backfires when she causes a ruckus.

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