Have you ever watched the medical comedy/drama Scrubs on TV before? If not, you have no clue what you are missing. Imagine something that can make you laugh so hard you pee your pants, and then literally 30 seconds later having you crying for your mother because of the emotional impact the writer’s make on you with the superb script from that episode. This show was absolute comic genius, and I think it’s well worth noting the Top 5 Episodes of Scrubs:

  1. My Cake – This is the episode that begins with Dan, the brother of Scrubs’ star Dr. John Dorian (played by Zach Braff) showing up at his apartment door with a cake. The next line, “Dad died,” takes what seemed like it was to be a light-hearted moment and turns it on its head as we’re taken through how the Dorian family deals with death. This episode also show us how Carla & Turk find out that Turk has Type II Diabetes, and how he deals with it.
  2. My Philosophy – Yet again, we’re shown life through seemingly crossed-eyes from the writers of Scrubs. One eye is seeing the love story between Turk & Carla getting ready to take the next step, with Turk finally deciding to propose to Carla while the other eye sees JD bonding with a patient who has been waiting to have a heart transplant for a long, long time and is finally up to get it. If we can end our lives the way the transplant patient does, it gives me hope that the end will be as beautiful as the rest.
  3. My Fallen Idol – This is the one that takes place just after Dr. Cox has just lost three patients in a row. He takes it very, very hard and tries to drink his guilt and depression away. He makes a mistake and comes to work drunk, though, and is sent home. This crushes JD, who idolizes Dr. Cox. The rest of the team tries to bring Dr. Cox out of his funk, but in the end, it’s left up to JD.
  4. My ABC’s – A lot of people simply know this one “the Scrubs episode with the Sesame Street song.” Joshua Radin closes this episode with a haunting rendition of a normally happy and cheerful song, and it poignantly shows us that doctors are still people, and they still have feelings.
  5. My Screw Up – This is my all-time favorite episode of any TV show I have ever seen. It’s the final appearance for Brendan Fraser, who plays the brother-in-law and best friend of Dr. Perry Cox. He hasn’t made an appearance in two years, and in his last episode, it was revealed he had leukemia. I won’t spoil this episode, but I will say it had me crying like a baby when I watched it.

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Author: J. Ryan Cunningham
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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