Among the most popular Avatar The Last Airbender episodes is The Avatar and the Firelord, the sixth episode of the third and final season. This particular episode is loved by many Avatar fans because it talks mostly about the history of the war and how it came about in connection to the friendship between then Avatar Roku and Firelord Sozin.

Friendship and Betrayal

Uncle Iroh and the spirit of Roku made the same revelation to Prince Zuko and Aang respectively. The tale of friendship and betrayal between Roku and Sozin was told and the facts behind the ongoing war as made clear once and for all. Roku thought that Aang should be able to understand the intricacies of his situation and how such wisdom will enable him to do what needs to be done in order for the world to be saved.

For Prince Zuko, the revelation was much more personal because it gave him a glimpse of the truth regarding his relationship with the Avatar and how it affects his own destiny. Finding out that Roku is his mother’s grandfather made him realize that he too can change the course of destiny.

Why Fans Love It


While most Avatar The Last Airbender episodes are about Aang’s adventures and training, this one has a deeper meaning to the main characters (Aang and Zuko). It also happens to be the defining moment that thickened the plot even more as it made Prince Zuko decide that he would want to abandon his throne and join the gang in their quest to defeat his father, Firelord Ozai.

A lot of Avatar fanatics agree that this episode has great weight as far as paving the way for the succeeding episodes of the series. It provides a very convincing explanation why Zuko had a change of mind and heart, otherwise his decision to join the Avatar would not be plausible at all.

Depth of Characters

One of the reasons why the series is very successful is that the characters are well defined and they all have their own unique personalities. This episode put the entire storyline in a whole new perspective which is more hopeful and introspective. Fans as well as critics alike are in agreement that this episode brought much entertainment to the viewers and it also creates an entirely new path for the story that makes it even more interesting and infinitely more endearing.

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