One of the most popular comedy shows on the television these days is ‘Raising Hope’. It has been noticed that people have missed some of the episodes of this series and some of them have started really late. Glimpses of this show about the previous episodes are elaborated below:

1. Pilot- This episode was telecast on September 21, 2010 and in this a young boy namely Jimmy had a one night stand and ended with a daughter. The mother is a serial killer and convicted of murder. The boy gets custody of the child who he thinks he will raise. However, he was completely clueless about raising a child and his parents support him and rename the child Hope.

2. Dead Tooth- It was shown on televisions on September 28, 2010. In this, Jimmy realizes that a day care is required for looking after the child. He approaches Sabrina for help who asks him to get in touch with Shelley, her cousin. She was his love interest two years back.

3. Dream Hoarders- In this episode, the boy teaches his child how to crawl. This show was telecast on October 5, 2010.

4. Say Cheese- This is one of the most comic episodes as Sabrina learns horrible family photos history as expected by Virginia.

5. Happy Halloween- Jimmy is invited a Halloween party by Sabrina who has fight with her boyfriend. In this episode, Jimmy asks his father to stay away from Hope as he comes to know that his father has been scaring him for a long time.

6. Family Secrets- Hope’s mother leaves various things for her. Burt and Virginia realize that they have lied to Jimmy.

There have been various episodes of this show that have gained appreciation from people all over the world. Most viewers can relate to this story line in some way, shape or form.

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Author: Jessica N King
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