The episode of The Biggest Loser was full of action. There were workouts, tears, yelling and much more as the latest contestants on the Biggest Loser started a new episode.

There was no gradual development in the episode, as the contestants had to start with all the strength. It was a bit frightening for the viewers. Even though, medical staff was present, people of that size and shape doing vigorous workouts is frightening. Many medical incidents can happen. It is good that they are prepared.

The episode was just after a week of the first episode of the season. The contestants have learned some great eating techniques. The first weighing reveled great results as a lot of contestants lost 20 to 30 pounds. However, the star was Mark who lost a whooping 41 pounds. Even though the results are impressive, many viewers had questions regarding the healthy stature of the contestants.

The fact that obesity is definitely more dangerous than this weight loss justified all the questions regarding how healthy is it to loose a lot of weight in such short periods. The show hung on to the standards that it has kept in the last seasons. Even though, the rules changed a bit regarding the weighing process and the elimination process, most of the rules remained the same.

In the last seasons, only the last two losers actually lost their spot. In this edition, fifty percent of the contestants have to compete for making a place in the next level. Allie, the 22 year old girl from Oklahoma was the one to go out of the show first. It was an emotional set off also. The show has been successful in providing inspiration and motivation to a lot of people. The show must get to a more realistic level and avoid being extremely frightening for becoming a mass appealer.

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You might need a Dinosaur Train video if your child missed a certain episode or just didn’t quite get enough of the show from watching it on TV. Luckily you have several options that don’t necessarily include buying the DVDs. This article will talk about a few places where you can go and see snippets of Dinosaur Train episodes online.

1. Go to the source I always say, and you can’t get much better than just visiting if you want to see some high quality video clips from many of the episodes. Plus while your child is there they can play some of the fun games; this is perfect if they need something to do, at least you know that whatever they are doing is educational.

2. YouTube: There are quite a few of the Dinosaur Train episodes on YouTube, even if they aren’t the complete show, they are still longer than some of the clips you’ll find from, and they have a lot of the fun songs from the show too. I’m sure by now your child probably knows them by heart, but still it is fun to sing along with the videos and watch Buddy, Tiny and family groove out to their dinosaur tunes.

3. Hulu: There are a ton of video clips on this site ranging from 30 seconds to just over 2 minutes, it will give your child plenty to do! Hulu is often forgotten about because of YouTube, but it is another excellent place to go if you are looking for some video to watch of your favorite shows. Dinosaur Train is no exception and by allowing your child to re-watch episodes you will be helping them to learn and expand their knowledge of science and nature.

In this article we talked about the many places to watch a Dinosaur Train video, if for some reason the TV shows just aren’t enough, try one of the three options above. You can visit, go to YouTube or Hulu and run a search. You should be able to easily find some clips or even fairly long videos of the Dinosaur Train episodes, including some of the fun songs like Dinosaurs A-Z. Many of these songs and videos have taught my own child the complicated names of dinosaurs and other species, she definitely knows more than I did when I was in pre-school! has more information about Dinosaur Train episodes as well as the games and toys that are available now, visit our page Dinosaur Train Video to watch some of the episodes now.

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