There have been a large number of great Klingon episodes throughout the Star Trek franchise. From a few in the original, to taking things to Chronos in Next Generation. Deep Space Nine got a lot more into the Klingon culture when the war with the Dominion started and Worf joined the cast. Voyager only ventured into Klingon related episodes a couple times, as they were quite far from all Klingons except one. Here are the top 10 Klingon episodes in order.

#10 The Emissary (NG)
A mysterious rendezvous with a Federation Emissary. The Enterprise hurries to a probes location to pickup a half Klingon/human woman that goes by K’Ehleyr. She apparantely knows Worf, who isn’t glad to see her. She informs the crew that a Klingon battlecruise is on the way to a location that has been out of contact for 75 years. K’Ehleyr wants to destroy the ship before it attacks Federation outposts, but Captain Picard wants to avoid killing. Worf and K’Ehleyr work together who have a heated argument and don’t produce results. They meet on the holodeck and recover their romantic feelings. Worf wants to get married, but KEhleyr refuses and leaves. Worf comes up with a plan and receives control of the Enterprise from Captain Picard. He convinces the Klingon battlecruiser that the Federation isn’t at war. K’Ehleyr hints that she will return.

#9 Redemption (2 part episode)
Worf leaves to Kronos to restore his families honor. Worf convinces his brother to side with Gowron rather than the Duras family. The Duras sisters challenge Gowron’s claim to High Chancellor. Picard is once again involved as the Klingons decide he would be a neutral moderator. The Duras sisters seem suspicious as they meet with a Romulan women. A battle between Klingon ships ensues with the Enterprise staying neutral and backing away from the battle. Eventually Picard gives the High Chancellorship to Gowron and he restores Worf’s families honor.

Picard puts together a fleet of federation ships because to stop Romulan ships from reaching the Duras sisters. Data must overcome prejudice as he is selected to command one of the ships in the fleet. Sela (the Romulan women) reveals herself to Picard as Tasha’s daughter. Curious Picard meets with her and finds out she is telling the truth. Picard requests to Gowron that they attack Duras’ fleet so they must call for Romulan reinforcements. When Duras’ fleet is near defeated the Romulans try and disable the Federations detection grid. The Romulans target Data’s ship to disrupt it which puts makes the federation unable to continue the detection grid. Data proves his leadership as he single-handidly figures out where the Romulan ships are located. Worf escapes after having been kidnapped by the Duras sisters, and rejoins the Enterprise.

#8 A Matter of Honor
Commander Riker joins a Klingon crew as second in command in an officer exchange program. While researching for the assignment Cmdr. Riker learns from Worf that he may have to assassinate his Klingon Captain if he becomes unable to perfrom his duties. Riker must prove himself quickly as he attacks one of the Klingon crew members. The Enterprise discovers an alien on their hull and must find the Klingon ship to warn them as well. The Klingons discover the same life form on their hull, eating away, and blame the Enterprise and Riker for putting it there. Riker must decide to help the Klingons attack the Enterprise or find a way to convince them otherwise. Shows a great deal on life on a Klingon ship.

#7 Sins of The Father
Worf’s brother Kurn is assigned as first officer abord the Enterprise as part of an exchange program. After angering several crew members Kurn reveals to Worf that they are brothers. Kurn tells Worf that the Klingon High Council has accused their father Mogh of being a traitor on Khitomer, leading to the deaths of over 4,000 klingons. Worf being the elder brother, goes with Kurn and Captain Picard to fight the council’s decision. They discover there is much more to the accusations then they previously realized. Ultimately Worf decides to sacrifice his honor for the sake of the Klingon Empire.

#6 Birthright (2 part episode)
The Enterprise visits Deep Space 9 where Worf meets an alien named Jaglom Shrek. He claims that Worf’s father Mogh is still alive. That he was captured on Khitomer by Romulans. After the initial Anger, Worf find the alien and demands that he take him to the Romulan camp. Worf travels through the jungle to find that there were in fact Klingons being held in a camp. He finds several Klingons who tell him he shouldn’t be there, and then is captured by Romulans. As Worf lives with the Klingons and Romulans he learns some disturbing facts, but wins over the younger generation. Eventually they let Worf and the willing Klingon’s go, and they return to the Enterprise.


#5 Reunion
Worf’s former love interest K’Ehleyr comes aboard the Enterprise to moderate a dispute between two houses vaiing for the Chancellorship of the Klingon Empire. Chancellor K’mpec has been poisoned and wants Captain Picard to figure out who did it, Gowron or Duras. After a bomb goes off, the Enterprise investigates and Picard drags the proceedings as slowly as possible. K’Ehleyr informs Worf that the boy she brought onboard (Alexander), is Worf’s son. K’Ehleyr investigates into Worf’s dishonor, when Duras finds out, he kills her. Worf finds her, he goes to Duras’ ship to take his rightful revenge and kills Duras.

#4 Rightful Heir
Worf has a faith crisis, which leads him to taking a journey to immerse himself in the Klingon culture. Worf sees a vision of Kahless, the Klingon messiah, and it turns out to be more than a vision. The real Kahless appears to have returned. Gowron meets them on the Enterprise and brings an ancient weapon stained with Kahless’ blood to test if it is the real Kahless. Despite passing Gowron’s test, they battle and Gowron defeats Kahless. Worf doesn’t think that he could be the real Kahless, because the greatest wrarior wouldn’t have been beaten so easily. The High Priest informs him that Kahless is a clone of the original, when Gowron learns of it, he wants them executed. Worf convinces him to give Kahless the title of Emporer to help unite the Klingon race.

#3 Tackling Into the Wind
Gowron’s military strategies seem to be hurting the war efforts, Worf suspects they are to hurt General Martok. Worf tries to get Martok to challenge Gowrong to stop it. As Gowrong draws up suicidal battle plans that threaten the Federation’s chances in the war, Warf challenges him in battle, Warf Kills Gowron and is granted the title of High Chancellor. Warf refuses it, instead giving it to General Martok.

#2 Sword of Kahless
Kor recruits Dax and Worf to find the ancient Klingon weapon, called the Sword of Kahless. The goal of it is to unite the Klingon Empire. Fighting mercenaries and a telepath they eventually find it. Worf and Kor fight each other to take possession of the sword, but Dax brings them back to their senses. They decide the Klingon Emprie isn’t ready for the sword, so they beam it to space, until the empire is ready for it.

#1 Trouble With Tribbles
One of the funnest and funniest episodes of Star Trek to this day. The story begins with a priority distress call from a space station to the enterprise. When Kirk beams down to the space station, he finds that Klingons are already there. According to an agreement, the Klingons have to be allowed on the station. Kirk begrudgingly allows them so, as long as the same number of Starfleet officers are on at all times. Things heat up when the Klingons begin making fun of the Enterprise and her crew. It becomes a hilarious all out brawl that ends the ‘vacation’ on the station. The Klingons real intent is discovered later in the episode with from an unexpected source. for the best Klingon info on the blog and especially weapons (such as Batleth [bat’leth]).

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