Heroes has been rocking this season, but I realize that not everyone has had the good fortune of catching every episode. Because I care and stuff, I’m gonna run through some of the plots of the episodes so that you can catch up! Today’s feature is Season 2 Episode 2: “Lizards”.

Remember how I told you about Dr. Suresh meeting up with a guy from the Company? Well he took the job, and now officially works for the Company. Won’t Claire’s dad be pleased? Anyway, Mohinder’s first assignment for the Company is to go down to Haiti and treat one of the “gifted” who’s been afflicted with the virus. Turns out we already know this particular “Hero,” and if you think for a second you can probably figure out who it is.

All is not well with the Bennet family…the boy that Claire encountered in her new school has continued to take an interest in her, badgering her about being “different” and not “going with the flow” like “everyone else.” It’s pretty clear that he knows a little something, and the secret pretty much flys the coop when he sees her doing a little regenerating. Just how bad this is is anyone’s guess, because he’s not exactly the average human himself.

Officer Matt Parkman is rather busy with a frustrating case involving the murder of somebody rather important to one of our Heroes. The evidence is almost nonexistant, and for all the world it looks like a suicide…but those with abilities can tell that there’s a lot more to it than what’s apparent at first look.

Back in 17th century Japan, Hiro is having himself a grand ol’ time dealing with the shock he got when he met Takezo Kensei. The rather…surprising…Kensei isn’t exactly on the path to being Japan’s legendary hero-warrior, and Hiro has his hands full getting Kensei on the right track…even having to take a few matters into his own hands.

Way over in present-day Ireland, Peter Petrelli is waking up each morning having no idea who he is or why he can shoot lightning from his hands or move things with his mind. In the “care” of a band of Irish criminals, Peter struggles to come to terms with his total lack of a hold on his life, and discovers more of his abilities.

Finally, we flash back to Maya and Alejandro’s flight through Guatemala, and they finally reach the Mexican border. Pursued by the police forces and about to cross paths with someone lost since Season 1, Maya and her brother continue their quest to get to New York and find Dr. Suresh.

Things just keep pounding on in this second season of Heroes. There’s a lot more to come, and I’m sure I won’t be alone in watching as things unfold further. My favorite show never fails to please, and I doubt any of you guys out there are disappointed either! Stay tuned! More is coming!

Miss an episode? Download Heroes and watch Heroes online! It’s an amazing show, and too much goes on in each episode to let them pass you by!

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